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Hey, I've got two old internal hard drives...is there any way I can buy enclosures for them so that they could become external USB hard drives? The reason I ask is that I'm a musician and I'm working on properly archiving all of my old tunes and recordings, and I have a feeling there may be some on these drives but I don't have a desktop computer to check them out with right now (they were pulled from the remains of my old desktop). Can anyone recommend a product that does this?

edit - the pictures were gigantic so I removed them, but I can post them back up if needed. I think they're molex connectors?

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    Without knowing your specific drive sizes (laptop SSD / 3.5 inch desktop drives, etc), I can't link anything in particular.

    I do know Sabrent does some good stuff in this regard. I use one of their laptop/USB docks as external drives for Xbox and PS4 games and have only rarely had issues with connections over many years.

    Maybe poke around on their page and then check for reviews, or at least pick up some keywords to search for other products.

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    I used one of these but it depends on what kind of connector your drives use (this is for SATA, a thin-ish cable with a connector about as wide as your thumb). Is it a large ribbon cable? That'd be IDE.

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    Thanks guys. Apparently this was much simpler than I thought. :)

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