The [Final Fantasy] Thread Leaps Into Rebirth 2/29! (Game out; Tag Spoilers!)



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    Raiden333 wrote: »
    Costa Del Sol minigame rewards
    Please tell me there's a way to get the Time materia other than the dumb shooting gallery soon. I am so bad at that minigame.


    The only Green Materia you can’t buy at a shop are Chadley’s


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    Woo, game beaten, I can return to the thread. Some immediate post game thoughts (taken from BlueSky posts I made, hence the formatting):
    Welp, beat Rebirth. Have no idea what to make of the ending. I do know there was too much side stuff and a lot of it was kinda bad and tedious. Brought the game down from a 9 or 10 to an 8. Literally, if they skipped the endgame dump of more side stuff the game would be significantly better.

    That moment and one of those side quests specifically from that batch that made you redo side content you already cleared if you were keeping up with stuff really made me feel like the game was purposefully wasting my time. That was the point that made me skip the rest of the side stuff.

    Ended up mainlining the rest of the game, skipped the end of the Gilgamesh thing after getting all the proto relics and never got the last piece of pirate treasure. Missed some arena fights, simulator fights, and the hard modes of the Coral proto relic fights.

    Also, did enter Gilgamesh's island, but when he took the proto relics from you and scattered them across the island, I was already feeling burnt by that Gold Saucer side quest with the middle manager (which I didn't finish) that I said "fuck this" and left the island to get back to the main story.

    This whole thing kinda put a damper on the late game main story, basically the last two chapters. Was kinda feeling ready to be done with it and those last two chapters were a lot. Temple of the Ancients was kind of a slog and there was the now traditional like hour long multiphase end fight.

    Ended the game at 100 hours, 45 minutes.

    Oh also, did all the queens blood except the final quest stuff, just beat the creator guy at the hotel.

    That whole string of combats at the end of the 2nd Gold Saucer visit was kind of a slog. Just like, 6 fights in a row (4x Corneo rounds, Turks, Rufus, can't remember if anyone else). Felt like they were just jamming a ton of fan service fights into too small a space.

    Also, ended up with a Barrett date somehow, which wasn't really what I was hoping for. Was hoping for Tifa. Guess I could've gamified who I was going for, but just did what felt right with responses. Was still a fine date, but not really what I wanted.

    I think probably the first point the game started feeling like a bit too much was the 2nd half of Coral with the dune buggy. Was ready to move on from that, especially with the protorelic stuff there being kinda tedious. Gongaga felt fine, I liked the exploration there, tho the side stuff started wearing a bit thin at the end. Nibel felt pretty good, too, tho the Cait Sith part felt a bit long (or the fact that it was bumped up with the other story dungeon section just made the whole thing feel overly long). Was also annoyed that I missed a single chocobo flying seed or whatever for most of the time, managed to stumble into it after re-checking like everywhere. And after that, they just dump all the bullshit on you and my patience snapped.

    Overall, would probably give it an 8/10, but was definitely feeling a higher score before that side content dump and probably would've had better thoughts about the Gold Saucer/Temple of the Ancient stuff, too. Also, I liked all the big flashy moments they had for the game, though I think the first Gold Saucer introduction party thing didn't land as hard as it could've. I think it needed some buildup to it. Part of why the Cloud dance thing in FF7R1 worked so well is because it's like, the culmination of all the work you put in in Wall Market. Here, it just kind of happens. Oh also, I thought Cait Sith was amazing. The writing and voice acting were superb, he was just a joy in like every scene he's in. Also, the whole Loveless thing was great, too. They really nailed it and it hit emotionally for me.

    Anyway, just some unorganized thoughts.
    Edit: reposted in new thread.

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    silence1186silence1186 Character shields down! As a wingmanRegistered User regular
    Unsurprisingly we got to 100 pages quickly once the new game came out. There's a lot to talk about! Posting about this at work is next best thing to playing it, when I don't have to do actual work. Blargh capitalism!


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    As I'm nearing the end, I think the biggest major complaint I have with the overall package is the sheer number of minigames and different mechanics they have for pretty much everything. It's like they got everybody on the team into a room and asked everybody to pitch a gameplay idea. Then went and did them all. The problem with this is that so many of these mechanics end up feeling half baked. Then for extra measure, they double pad a whole lot of them. First by splitting up the "game" into 4 parts. And then make a hard mode and double it. I guess it's nice that no matter the quest, you don't know what you're going to get, so it keeps things feeling "fresh". But like I said, a lot are just bleh. I guess it's also nice that once it's done you'll probably never see it again?

    The "everyone pitch a minigame, ok let's do all of them" is very faithful to the original game at least lol

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