I miss this one

RblDiverRblDiver Registered User regular
The other day, on another forum I frequent, I saw one of the CW comics used in a meme. Made me miss this, so I went back, only to find the whole site and archives are gone. Made me sad.

Miss ya!


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    petrepanpetrepan Registered User new member
    Hey there stranger! I thought it might cheer you up to know the Internet Archive product seems to have saved some stuff? I'm very bad at using the internet archive so I don't know exactly how to navigate, but there seems to be something there. There is also the print book available on Amazon and Ebay. I tried to post links to you but apparently can't. I am with you, though, that's super-sad. It was a very beautiful piece.

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    SCREECH OF THE FARGSCREECH OF THE FARG #1 PARROTHEAD margaritavilleRegistered User regular
    the end o this was quite mysterious indeed

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