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    Finally caught up with this thread after weeks of catching up from the previous thread.

    Why is shit so bad and always happening?!

    This thread is basically the quarantine chamber for se++. I think we all know what we're getting into when we click on it

    But also to answer the question:

    We’re a nation literally founded as an extractive colonial project that exploited the resources of the American continent, using genocide to clear out the original occupants of the land and exploitative labor practices ranging from the mere abuse of wage labor to literally owning human beings and their progeny through generations as a captive labor force, and our entire history has been those oppressed groups trying to desperately claw freedoms from the owner class who founded and inherited this project, all while the ruling class, slowly acquiescing to some of those demands, often made with the threat of revolutionary force backing it to some level or another, refusing to meaningfully and truthfully engage with that fetid legacy of evil…

    …and then a chunk of them go “why should we abide the lessers? They need to be put back in their place and remember the proper order of things.” And it turns out they have a lot of money, power and resources to work to rip out all the changes and progress, but polite liberal society says you have to still work with them and through proper channels because some of them are good at putting on a good mask about what horrible monsters they are who’d willingly go back to the days of chattel slavery, if they could get away with it, in a heartbeat.
    Also your cheeses are fuckin terrible

    No one has ever heard of Australian cheese

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    any wisconsinites or vermonters wanna chime in about american cheeses

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