Tickets and Hotels available now! [2023]

Crippl3Crippl3 ohnoRegistered User regular
It's awful quiet in here lol, no one even posted about the show starting up ticket sales

Badges: https://www.showclix.com/event/pax-unplugged-2023-lihkjnh890nkjnz5jzb
Hotel booking: https://book.passkey.com/event/50565511/owner/14227/home


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    thanks for posting it! and yeah the pax sections of the forums have been fairly quiet since the pandemic and then the removal of their links from the reed websites :-/ but a few of us keep on keeping on!

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    SkooterbeejSkooterbeej Registered User new member
    yeah we are trying to get hotels and for 4 people there are a lot of options on wait list and even external if you go off the site its already slim pinkins. and the external sites are like 200 more expensive. its not usually like that.

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