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Pax Aus Pin Proxy -2023 - POST PAX and Time Sink Pin Procedure

luckycharmluckycharm Perth, AURegistered User regular
edited November 7 in PAX Australia
EDIT: Nov. 7th
Gobble Gobble!
Pins have been mailed to their final destination! They left Saturday Nov. 4th and many of them are expected to arrive on Nov. 8th depending on distance. Once you receive your box, please send me a PM to let me know that your order was received and is correct. If you do not get your box by Nov. 15th, let me know and I'll find your tracking number.
This is the last update, and I will go back into hibernation until next September when the Aus Proxy is needed once again.
Take care and Have a great Pin Year!
-Anastasia 'Luckycharm' Cooper

EDIT: Oct. 30
A Spooky Hellooooooooo!
Pins have arrived in Houston and Mother Duck says that she will have them out in a week. Will keep you all informed. This may be a speed record for delivery!

EDIT: Oct. 21
Hi All Pinny Peeps!

Main Package Posted!!
Tracking # EJ315988195AU
Heading to Houston, TX Express Method.
Cost with insurance: 278.35 AUD
(The box was just over 14kg)

I expect between 1-2 Weeks
Once the Piñata box reaches Houston, my mom will open it and mail out over 30 individual packages for domestic USPS. She will keep the receipts and take pictures of the tracking numbers.

I am hoping domestic mail will take 1-2 Weeks. Once you get your box, please let me know that your package arrived and all the pins look good. Enjoy the Australian treats and a small Christmas gift.

I will post one more time when the packages have arrived in Houston and are mailed out. Send me a PM if there are any concerns.

Once again thank you for trusting me with your Aus Pin Journey and see you again next year!

-Anastasia 'Luckycharm' Cooper
Post Pax Pin Report

Hi All,

It is the day after PAX and I’m still in a huge haze, but I wanted to type down my experience of PAX Aus 2023 and my quest for pins. I think this is important since many people will never get to attend PAX Aus and experience what it is like. We see the reports like, 2 hour time sink or purchase for $25 AUD, but I want to describe more.
This narrative holds my opinions and experiences, and should NOT be taken as the only point of view as we all have different stories to tell.

To give you idea of how big being a proxy is and how serious I am with this responsibility, I’ll start off with some numbers.
Total amount of pins purchased: Over 220 (Show sets count as 1 pin)
Time Sink’s Requested: 136 (including the LE’s), I can’t and wouldn’t get them all, but everyone wants them and that is important data.

This show had to be the most stressful Pin Quest yet just because of so many variables that popped up.

1) The Main Merch location was put next to the Queue Hall and was condensed so no merchandise was on the floor. You had to request it from the register. And both Main and Merch Lite closed at 6:00 pm which meant no late-night purchases. The line for Main was horrible, seemed like a constant 2.5 hour wait. They sold out of the Pride Potions at the beginning of Saturday and by Sunday they were out of almost everything.

2) Merch Lite in previous years has been a casual location. You line up for about 1.5 hours on Friday/Saturday if you don’t arrive early. By the afternoon, the line is almost non-existent. It wasn’t uncommon for the LE to stay in stock until late afternoon. Sunday was super sleepy, no morning line, LE’s available until late. The point I am getting at is that Merch Lite was casual. The key word is WAS. This weekend, Merch Lite saw some of the craziest lines I have ever seen. There was an overflow line. Then there was an overflow line for the overflow line. And by lunch, the wait was still over 1.5 hours. They ran out of LE’s on all 3 days by lunch if not earlier.
Analysis: Because Main Merch line was super long, regular people lined up in Merch Lite, and since it had the LE, they got one too. So people who were not into collecting pins and the community would buy 1 because the design was cool and they got it as a memento. Then when they came to trading, they wanted to keep their LE and then get more pins to trade. I saw so many new collectors. People coming up to my table and commenting they have been coming to PAX Aus for several years and had no idea about the pin community and collecting. I believe the Pin Community in Australia is going to continue to grow if nurtured correctly.

3) Orc Console Pin – Reign Absolute brought their previous years pins for sale, so there were more pins to purchase and trade. This helped new collectors increase their collections quickly since they didn’t have to wait in merch lines. Sold for 20 AUD.

4) Wombo Combo Pin – SUPER cute and such an iconic Australian animal. The name alone is perfect because Wombo Combo means “A combination of actions which create a decisive advantage” and has been a part of the Super Smash Community since 2008. Purchase of this pin was limited to 2 per transaction, so if you wanted more, you needed to return in a few hours. GenerOZity also had the Drop Bread and Love Birbs. The Drop Bread wasn’t just a reprint! I call it ‘Remastered’. There are more sprinkles, feels more colorful, the eyes have white pupils instead of silver to help them stand out and the fir of the koala looks a shade darker. Overall, this remastered pin looks better than the original! The Love Birbs may be slightly a different shade, but without looking at them side by side, I am not sure. Sold for 25 AUD.

5) The Cookie Druid Pin – I was informed that this pin was the first pin designed and sold specifically with Australia and Pax Aus in mind. And it does not disappoint! The design is clear and colorful. The animal companion is a Thylacine, also known as a Tasmanian Tiger. On the back of the pin’s card says “Goodberry Cookies - all you need for the day!” They were limited to 1 per transaction. I was told that 100 of the druids have already been set aside for each of the other 3 shows. It was 1 of 3 pins to be $30 AUD, a first for PAX Aus.

6) Press X to Cure Pin – Such a simple design, this pin Sold Out on Sunday! One of the cool design features – it glows in the dark! It was 1 of 3 pins to be $30 AUD. The DonationDawg Pin was also $30 AUD, but didn’t seem to be as popular with the crowds.

7) AB Gamer Pin – a simple pin with a very shiny visor. Sold for 20 AUD. This is the 2nd Aboriginal pin from Pax Aus and funds raised support the art of the aboriginal content creation.

8) GaD20 Cat Pin – A very cute and super sparkly kitty! Sold for 20 AUD. This pin was a quick favorite and was seen on lanyards of many new collectors. This pin sold out on Sunday.

9) Bethesda’s Vault Boy 10th Anniversary Pins & Constellation Badge Pin – such a frustrating set of pins to acquire. If you were lucky enough to get a spot on the Brushes and Brews painting event, you got 1 of each pin. There were 3 places to find the pin on the showroom floor. The Yamaha booth had about 10 or 15 in the morning and ran out about 5 minutes after the Expo Hall opened. The claw game at Aftershock had some pins hidden in prizes but you only got 1 try and seemed to be set on a harder difficulty. The queue for the game was long as well. The LG booth gave you a pin for demoing Starfield on PC but ran out in about 20 minutes. You could get some in varied ways, end of panels, cookie brigade had some for sale of $150 AUD on Sunday, and probably other ways to obtain. Bottom line, you could find them but it was all over the place and never guaranteed. You could spend an hour in an attempt, only to come up empty. And since the pins were both popular IP’s, one of Fallout and the 2nd a brand new game, was popular not just with Pin collectors, but with players as well. I put it on a same par of Sweet Roll difficulty.

10) Crunchyroll Pin – the surprise pin that we were promised last year. When it was on the Pin Quest this year, we were quickly told that it would not be and its inclusion was a mistake. Then on Friday, in the chaos of 1st day pin hunting, I started getting emails from Proxy people requesting the Crunchyroll pin. I was confused. These are serious pin collectors. They knew there was no Crunchroll pin…or was there. I looked and Slack had blown up. Tubby2877 had taken the indicative to check the booth and had gotten one and posted a picture. You had to play their crane game. (Another crane game) But unlike the evil Aftershock claw, this one was set on easy and if you got another item, you could ask for a pin instead. I rejoiced! This would be simple. Just wait in line. Then supply started to run low on Friday. At the end of Friday, whichever prize you got, you got. You were not given the option of the pin. This continued for Saturday and Sunday. Pins were scarce and you had to be lucky that a pin ball was in an accessible location. I got several lanyards, but never got a pin from that game past the kind Friday.
Popularity with this one is hard to guess so soon. Crunchyroll is a popular Anime platform, so many people got a pin who don’t collect pins so many could end up at the back of a drawer. It isn’t colorful or has any gimmicks. Just their icon character. So not cute, niche interest, but could be limited amount.

11) Pinny McFly Pin - A pin I have come to love and dislike. I loved how Reedpop was so up front on how to obtain them. 3-3:30 in the Queue Hall. Trade any PA pin, 1 trade only. Can’t get any simpler. And this is one of the reasons why the lines que’d earlier and earlier. On Friday, Sachii and wanted to start a line for the pin at 2pm. When we went to the enforcers, they dismissed our question saying there would be no line. People could just come up. I had chills at this. The great Praise Helix stampede of 2015. The religious zealots from the First Church of the Holy Sweet Roll in 2018. Both events that had no lines but instead resulted in a mob of pushing and honestly fearing injury. I was resolved to not let this happen. The enforcers didn’t understand my concern, so I started to physically make a line using the crowd rails. I think it was at this they realized I was serious, and they called the supervisor. A line was established and was capped at 2:57. Organized and filtered quickly. I will admit, I was quite proud of the result. But then we were a victim of the success. They ran out before 3, which meant if you wanted a pin, you would have to line up earlier. On Saturday, the line started at 1:45. Sunday, the line started at 1:00. For a 3:00 pin giveaway. So you had a long wait on a cold floor, but once you were in line, it was a guaranteed pin. So do you wait longer but get a pin, or do events that are faster, but a chance to obtain nothing?
The popularity of McFly chicken sparked the need to collect all the Ibis’s, so I had many people looking for the previous years. The Space chicken was the easiest since it was last year, but the Camping was more rare, and the OG Bin Chicken (OG = Original) is rising to mythic levels. (Time sink, twitter location, stamped like Praise Helix) Value hard to judge since it is still fresh. Value will increase if the series continues. Will always be more popular with the Australian crowds since it’s a common Australian bird.

11) MIGW23 Pin – Similar pin to the previous designs but still different around the boarder flourishes. And the AR ability is still amazing and new compared to the pervious years. The booth itself was very nondescripts. I made a map where all the pins could be found, and I had trouble determining the booth. They didn’t have a pin sign placed anymore. I think the hardest thing about getting the pin was finding the booth. But once you figured it out, acquisition was easy. Answer a 9 question quiz on a website about what job you would like to do when making games and you get the pin. Done. Could game the system and come back later, but since you had to have a discussion with them about your quiz results, they could remember you and it felt ‘slimy’ to cheat. Would have rather legitimately done the Crunchyroll Claw game since repeat lineups were allowed.

12) Zappy Paddles Pin – I don’t know about the other attendees, but I never saw these guys in the wild other when someone posted about it. The best way to get a pin was to attend one of their panels. Not a bad deal since I went to their panel last year and it was really interesting. I missed this year because it was at the same time I was at my Painting session. I got 1 finding them in the beer garden, but since I knew the pin would be sold on their website later in the week, I wasn’t too fussed if I missed out. The pin continues their medical theme and the info panel glows in the dark, so a good pin.

And that was PAX Aus 2023. It was the year of Lines and record number of Time Sinks. I was sleep deprived, hurt, had 1 broken suitcase and a well-used credit card. I still have to unpack, sort, update sheet and contact people about their Time Sink requests. And I think this is the hardest thing. How do I offer Time Sinks, and to which people? Which method is fair?

I am now out at this time- I will try to get more next year!
Limited Edition PAX AUS 2022 Pin – $20 USD - I will honor this request and the price given for the first pin requested. If you requested more than two, we are going to have a conversation and possible trades involved. I will also make sure everyone who asked for an LE will get 1 before I trade seconds. Send me a PM on the forum that you want to pay for your LE and send a trade offer for any others you requested.

Zappy Paddles Pin [Evil Corporation] – $25 USD or trade – about the same if you buy it on their website. Limited Amount. Send me a PM on the forum that you want to pay for the one you requested. First in best dressed.

Trades Only, Lanyard Up to Date, Offer on
(If you do not have anything I need, you can still offer a trade, but the trade does have to be fair)
Vault Boy 10th Anniversary Pins [Bethesda]
Constellation Badge [Bethesda]
Pinny McFly Pin [PAX Aus]
MIGW23 Pin [Creative Victoria]

I hope this method seems fair since I could not get many time sinks considering the methods and I am only 1 person. I will finish updating the finances and contact everyone individually with an update. I am hoping to have the box out in 2 weeks max, 4 weeks travel international to Houston, then 2 weeks domestic travel to your home. Estimated time – Thanksgiving. Just in time for PAX Unplugged.

Let me know if there are any issues and I will get back with you,
Take care,
-Anastasia ‘Luckycharm’ Cooper


Pin Prices confirmed: changes made to the formula
PM's will be sent to inform if money is needed for adjustments.
PM's will be sent with new totals for those who were waiting to pay.

DO NOT PAY FOR TIMESINKS including LE's. I have not guaranteed them.

ALL TIME SINKS are hard to get this year, please do not expect miracles and they will be big trade items. Unlikely I will have enough to casually sell.


Hello Pinny Pals!!

Pin Drop!! (Continue to watch this post, will update numbers when prices are confirmed)

Once again, it is time for pins and pricing! I am trying something new this year. In the past, I have charged full price for the core sets to cover shipping and packing expenses. But with such a difference is USD to AUD, this is not fair to people who want more than 1 core set. So I am making any core set ordered after the first = $28 USD. All other 3rd party pins are also reduced to adjust for the exchange rate.

Please take note about the timesinks – they are pre-order/wish list ONLY. You may ‘add’ them to your order, and I will do the best I can. This will NOT guarantee an acquisition. LE’s have been good the past few years and I’ve been able to sell or trade them, but the Bethesda and Pinny McFly pins will be difficult and Trade Only. Once PAX is over, I’ll send a PM to all who requested and first in best dressed for trading.

We currently have 3 pins whose prices have not been confirmed. I have put a placeholder of $25 AUD for them. I hope they will respond in a few days. If the cost of the pin is lower than predicted, I can offer a refund, donate your excess to the pin charity of your choice, or any other arrangement you wish. If the price is higher, please be prepared to send the difference. If you would like to hold off on paying until Friday, I am okay with this since I doubt the pins will sell out on the first day.

Other pins that are confirmed to be there: Laughing Skull and I ❤ Doom Shirt [Reign Absolute] - $15 AUD ~~ $10 USD, Drop Bread and Love Birbs [GenerOZity Charity] - $25 AUD ~~ $20 USD. Let me know if there are any special requests, addons, other merch or pins you want me to be on the lookout for.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask through forum PM’s. While slack is easier and casual, the messages delete after a while and since money is involved, I need to keep records of what I have promised.

Here is the order list- Copy and Paste this in a PM with your requested numbers.

________ x PAX AUS Core Set 2023 - $35 AUD ~~ $35 USD
________ x PAX AUS Core Set 2023 EXTRA Purchase - $35 AUD ~~ $28 USD
________ x Orc Console Pin [Reign Absolute] – $20 AUD ~~ $15 USD
________ x Wombo Combo Pin [GenerOZity Charity] – $25 AUD ~~ $20 USD
________ x Cookie Druid Pin [Cookie Brigade] – $30 AUD ~~ $25 USD
________ x Press X to Cure Pin [Press X to Science x Cure Cancer] – (EDIT $30 AUD ~~ $25 USD)
________ x DonationDawg Pin [Back Pocket & Game on Cancer] - (EDIT $30 AUD ~~ $25 USD)
________ x AB Gamer [Awesome Black] – $20 AUD ~~ $15 USD
________ x GaD20 Cat [Q Workshop] - (EDIT $20 AUD ~~ $15 USD)

Total- $_____ USD

________ x Limited Edition PAX AUS 2023 Pin – $20 AUD ~~ PREORDER Only, don’t know how supplies will be
________ x Vault Boy 10th Anniversary Pins [Bethesda]
________ x Constellation Badge [Bethesda]
________ x Pinny McFly Pin [PAX Aus]
________ x MIGW23 Pin [Creative Victoria]
________ x Zappy Paddles Pin [Evil Corporation] – TIMESINK but will be available to purchase
________ x Crunchy Roll (SURPRISE!)

** 1 of everything estimated at 210 AUD/ 175 USD

**** PAYMENT - Transfer funds through PayPal. You will pay me in USD to
Anastasia Szpet
[email protected]
(Profile picture is a dog with a tennis ball sticking her tongue at you. This is Coconut- she was on my community pin)

If this method of payment is not acceptable, please let me know and I can try to work something else out.

Thank you again for your trust and support of the PAX Aus pins. I will keep in touch and continue to update this forum post.

Anastasia ‘Luckycharm’ Cooper

Previous Posts by Me

This year PAX Aus is October 6-8, but it is anyone's guess when the pin drop will happen!

I will once again be the Proxy. Comment below and I will communicate by PM for your order and personal info closer to time.
Can you believe I've done this since 2015, so 7 years??

Here is the link to the thread with all the specific questions:
(Written in 2019, but most is still valid)

If you want pins, send me a message. Tell me what pins you want me to buy for you. In terms of payment, do NOT panic. It's really easy. I do most of my transfers through Paypal ([email protected]) Do a friend payment so I or you don't get charged extra. I don't get much of the money or orders until the Wed or Thurs before PAX. Some people tell me the order before prices, and some wait until last minute. The most important thing is that you have told me you are interested. I will now keep you in the loop with PM's. Before Oct 6th, tell me what your order is. I will confirm your order and send a PM with the amount according to what prices have been listed by twitter and FB. Once you have the 'invoice', pay Paypal to me. Please put your forum handle in the comments to save my brain. I will confirm by PM that I have received the money and confirm your shipping address you have given me at some point. Confirm the address, and sit back & relax. You will receive your pins around the beginning of November, shipping takes about a month.
It is Australia, the other side of the world!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post or PM me with your questions. Take care and as always-


luckycharm on


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    Get some cookies, so you can eat 'em and grow up big and strong and kick Piston in the butt-butt.
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    Laughter and Sunshine!
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