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2023 Pre Pax Drinkies - October 5th Thursday (night before before PAX)

SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
A new year, and like PAX Aus this is technically the 10th year this has been going on!
(Besides that little covid thing keeping us online but y'know..)

What you need to know::

Who: If you read this you are invited.
Where: Transport hotel at Federation Square (Google Map Link). It's in Federation Square
When: Thursday 5th October, 7pm

Twitter/X: #paxbeer so you can find us as the night progresses.
Map: Heres a map

Traditionally this has been a very safe and friendly meet up of a bunch of like minded peeps.

Gamers of all walks of life having a brewski or two and just hanging out. Alcohol not mandatory. Drink sensibly!
Come on down and meet some people if you're on your own at Pax this year!

It's super weird when you see them wandering round looking lost a day or two later.
Just look for the nerdy T-shirts. badges, handheld games and beards.
Lanyards, and last years badges are a dead giveaway.

TL:DR; Laugh at the funny shirts, stay for the funny stories and neat friends

7:00 - 8:30 - Transport (Fed Square) as its nice and central to public transport.
8:30 -TBC - suggestions below
9:30 -TBC - suggestions below

I am keen and up for suggestions too - last year fortress was busy but pretty good and is on my mind.

All are welcome, post below or tag SuperRoach in discord/x/where ever suits you to let us know

I know that the forums are not really being used much anymore - since the last PAX, This forum isn't even mentioned anymore, while discord is the predominant one. But that one can be quite noisy I found last year for organizing things.
Being that it has really been ten years, I'd love to see a post from previous attendees for any funny stories they had from them. I'll try and dig up a couple leading up to the event

Cheers from me :)

Here is a walk down memory lane. As mentioned, 2021/2020 were virtual, no pre-pax catchups going on there.
2022 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013


  • feralmasterferalmaster melbourneRegistered User regular
    Awesome job @SuperRoach I have no choice but to be an apology this year :( Wifey dearest is away, and I have a bunch of kids to look after. That being said, if I can secretly engage a babysitter... literally.

    posted by a carbon flavoured beer based life form
  • Dark KingDark King Registered User regular
    I'm in, and might even have a plus-one.

  • SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
    It's getting closer! So two things.

    At the first pax, I fondly remember it being at the showgrounds, complete with tents, and bodged together transport for a massive amount of people. It also decided to bucket down rain while everyone was stuck waiting an extra hour to be able to get back. It led to people who had brought an umbrella along with them being pretty popular, and some great friendships were made there while joking about the whole situation.

    The other thing, is that there is a lot of things going on in Fed Square / ACMI! This is a perfect tie in with pre-pax beers, as the Transport bar is next to all this!
    What do people think of checking that out as well?

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