Shhhh…it’s a Secret…Saints

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Aaaaaahhhh yes

November brings cold weather, the holiday season, and SECRET SAINTS.

Odds are if you’re going to be involved with this you already know the rules and such but let’s go over them again

1. Secret Saints is a project that allows people who are maybe in need of some Christmas Cheer to get some cheer from people who have enough to share.

2. Signing up to be a Saintee has some rules.
A. You have to be known. Nobody new to the forums and nobody that isn’t recognized.
B. Can’t sign up for Secret Satans. If you can do Satans then you shouldn’t need Saints as well.
C. You must have an Amazon wishlist (or something equivalent) and be ok with providing me your address that will be shared with Saints
D. Dick
E. You have to be able to be thankful. When you receive a gift. Post about it! Rave about it! Let’s make sure the Saints know they are appreciated!
F. No anonymous Saintees. It will be public that you’re signed up and expected that you publicly thank whomever shares with you.

To sign up as a Saintee…it’s simple. Just PM me your interest, name, address, and link to wishlist. (If you need time to make a wishlist just let me know that.) also any other pertinent info (shoe size, clothing size, allergies)

Saints “rules”

There are no obligations if you sign up as a Saint. If you sign up and can’t do it for any reason just let me know ASAP so I can find a new Saint for the person/people you were gifting.

No dollar amount required. Spend $5 spend $50,000. Whatever you want.

To sign up as a Saint…PM me! Let me know you want to be a Saint and how many people you’d like to gift to. You can choose 1 or all or any number in between.

If you want to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine. Just be sure to let me know that when you sign up

I’m working 80 hour weeks right now so if I’m a little slow getting back to you with any questions I apologize. I probably won’t be but just in case.

Want to be used a go between for saints and Saintees when the saint wants to remain anonymous? Or just be around to get general info from someone? Sign up!

I am once again not signing up for either. Was really hoping I got to be a Saint this year but NOPE! Stupid economy…

I probably forgot something.


Let’s make 11/15 the “cutoff” day. You can sign up to be a Saintee after that but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to find a Saint for you. Ask me anytime…June? You need some help? Shoot me a PM and I’ll do what I can.

But on 11/15 I will divide up Saints and Saintees. After that date…like I said, im still going to figure out something :)

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