Secret Santa 2023 - Til next Christmas…



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    lwt1973lwt1973 King of Thieves SyndicationRegistered User regular
    Well it is Lent time so let's rez this thread with another Christmas miracle.

    The story behind it is one of the gifts was really really late so @Kendrik was going to send it to me when it came in. However, due to the Grinch, it was sent once again to @Fig-D . It took the long way to me again buuuut it arrived!

    First the sweatshirt in question. My daughter is a Stray Kids' fan so this took forever and a day to arrive from the merch store from what I've heard. She really loves it and it is so worth the wait.

    Next are two 3d prints as a sorry gift for it taking too long. My son really really loves the phoenix though he laughingly calls it a chicken and my daughter took the gecko.


    Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!

    "He's sulking in his tent like Achilles! It's the Iliad?...from Homer?! READ A BOOK!!" -Handy
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