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Can't get an old podcast anymore! [Resolved!]

NoneoftheaboveNoneoftheabove Just a conforming non-conformist.Twilight ZoneRegistered User regular
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Tank Riot is a podcast from a Wisconsin trio of dudes who were smart, cool and hip to what was what. The show ended, but the website and episode list remains. But who ever was hosting the episodes may have taken them down. Tragically I did not download all of them, but I'd like to.
I need a net ninja hero to help me get those episodes! I have tried the Tank Riot email, I've tried contacting one of the hosts friends and the host himself directly. The wayback machine doesn't seem to have the episodes either. It's like they've fallen off the face of the earth.

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    NoneoftheaboveNoneoftheabove Just a conforming non-conformist. Twilight ZoneRegistered User regular
    The ninja acts fast and helped. Thank you, friend.
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