When are we allowing an Election thread.

RaynagaRaynaga Registered User regular

It's looming, folks.

I know it sucks, but yall volunteered.

Don't punish us for your self-torture.

We're 5 months out.

It's time.


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    TuminTumin Registered User regular

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    Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User, Moderator mod
    Next time, send this as a PM to the moderators.

    The short answer: We're working on it.

    The long answer: We have a batch of new moderators (including myself), and we are talking about the details. When we have one, it will be moderator sanctioned and created, with an OP that has several guidelines for discussion.

    Geth, close the thread.

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    GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Affirmative Hahnsoo1. Closing thread...

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