PSP Homebrew on ALL Firmware Versions

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Well, just letting people know if they are like me and have an updated PSP for whatever reason that we can now use homebrew.

An exploit was found with Lumines that involves a buffer overflow like the one in GTA. I won't post any links because most sites are seedy and talk about nefarious things, which we would not dare to mention here, no we wouldn't.

Anyways, the only homebrew at the moment for this exploit is a "Hello World" demo, but a downgrader to should be coming soon.

Commence speaking of legal homebrew and nifty things that us folks without a homebrew capable PSP can look forward to.

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    I guess patience wins out in the end. I had my system replaced by Sony and got an updated firmware, I put that sucker on craigslist as new with like 2 movies and 4 games and the next day it was out of my hands. Cash in hand I strolled into a Walmart got one at the 169.99 price-point and proceeded to go home and violate its innards (digitally of course). This was like two or three months ago, I don't think I could have waited another day. Funny thing about the psp and it's homebrew was that it was the most fun I have had with the system over an extended period of time. Then when I stockpiled all sorts of homebrew goodies and got it going customized just the way I wanted I was like...meh. Now it sits next to my virtual boy.

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    DivebommahDivebommah Registered User regular
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    This is great news. I was all over the homebrew on my PSP until one fateful day when I left it in my car, on the dashboard, for about four hours. I was at a meeting at HP's headquarters. Those who have been there or in the area know that there isn't a morsel of shade available for miles around, plus I wasn't using my brain. Later that day I turn it on to play and boof, won't get past the initial loading screen. I blame the heat, of course.

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    yalborapyalborap Registered User regular
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    Well that's awesome. Anything that increases the amount of homebrew options is good.

    I'll have to look into the high-performance kind of stuff, though. I've just been using my GP2X for quite some time.

    For someone who's on 3.10 OA-B(I think), have any new custom firmwares come out? Any slick new features available?

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    GiantRoboGiantRobo Registered User regular
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    I wish I had a PSP again, I just don't want to buy it from a store since they're expensive there. Damn you ebay.

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