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Quick Question about Volunteering.

TheMountieTheMountie Registered User regular
edited March 2005 in PAX Archive
Last year I helped volunteer in the console room for a good 36 hours with Rob and that one girl that cant remember her name.

This year I would like to do the same.
I can organize and help create brackets for the Soul Calibur 2 tourny since thats what i will be playing in.

And i can help Zig ( Rob ) with other tournaments as well.
Since we do this sort of thing all the time in the seattle area I figured it would be a good idea to offer my services.

I live about 8 minutes away from the center so it wont be a problem to get to PAX early and help set up.

send me an email at
or just a PM on this forum.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hope to see you guys at PAX2k5 :P

Dear PAX, next year may i have an enforcer shirt instead of just a staff badge. Love, Tyler.
TheMountie on


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    Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, ClubPA staff
    edited March 2005
    send an email to


    Robert Khoo on
    Some guy.
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    B:LB:L I've done worse. Registered User regular
    edited March 2005
    I should do the same :D

    Hey, man, didn't ya ask Zig first before posting this? :P

    B:L on
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