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Hey guys,
I couldn't find a specific discussion of this on the site.
Does anyone know the drawing technique behind the Penny Arcade comic? Meaning, is it drawn on paper, then scanned, and "inked" on the computer. I'm particularly interested in the "inking" technique. Is it done in Photoshop, Flash, or good old-fashioned pen on paper? Anyway, any info would be great. Love the style of the comic!

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    Sketched in pencil, then inked using a large Wacom tablet in Photoshop.

    At least I'm pretty sure he still uses Photoshop. He has a little video up somewhere where he showed himself inking a pencil drawing.

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    Gabe has his own art blog (can't remember the URL) with sketches up, and once in a while he uploads videos of his process.

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    That's Gabe's sketchblog.

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