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Cosmic Trigger Volume 1

VBakesVBakes Registered User
edited June 2007 in Debate and/or Discourse
Its by Robert Anton Wilson. Anyone ever read this? I know its pure speculation about the human condition but I found it intriguing none the less. I havent read the other 2 books in the series but I plan on it now. This is what its about pretty much
Cosmic Trigger I deals with Wilson's experiences during a time in which he put himself through a process of "self-induced brain change" as well as vignettes of his earlier life. The main discovery of this process -- which, he tells us, is known in certain traditions as Chapel Perilous-- is that "reality" (although a noun in our language system, and therefore commonly conceptualized as being a definite, unchanging "'thing") is mutable and subjective to the observer.

Id just like to know people's thoughts on the subject matter, and other contain in the book.

Therman Murman?......Jesus.
VBakes on
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