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Amateurhour's Sketch Dump

amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhourThe woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
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I figured it was about time that I post my stuff and get told just how much it blows :) First off, I've never taken art lessons. Not in high school, college, or any time thereafter. I'm in my early 20's, and all of these are done at work, usually taking about ten minutes or so to knock out. I just mainly want some pointers on what to improve on the most, and some advice on what to buy in terms of art supplies. I've got a drafting table, and some decent markers (I never use them), and I typically stick with .05 lead, or standard fatty ballpoint pens after I read something Gabe wrote about using them to practice, so that you can't keep erasing. Anyway, here's some stuff.

This is just some random stuff. I was kind of going for Sephiroth in the lower right, but a more flash cartoon look.


This is a guy I did for the PA battle tourney. He's pretty basic, but I was in a hurry to join before the deadline closed.


This might be hard to see because it's poorly scanned pencils, but it's my gabe inspired art. It's supposed to be me.


Older, slightly more detailed shots of Captain Battle from the tourney


Don't ask... I really want to make this sketch look better, so please help me.


The Guyver, with a phantasy star mag


More random group comic stuff, kind of anime inspired...


That's it for now. I usually sketch a few things a week, but that's what I've got that's not old, since I figured posting stuff from where I'm at now artistically would be best.

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  • KioliaKiolia Registered User regular
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    Leave those characters be, and pick up something tangible, anything, put it in front of you, and draw that instead. Repeat many times. Don't even worry about art supplies as long as some is paper and some is pencil or pen or whatever you feel comfy with. Practice drawing real stuff for a while. :)

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  • BaldasarreBaldasarre Registered User regular
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    i agree with kiolia ...once you get real life drawing down then you can have a better understanding of the way things will work out when your trying to draw from your imagination...if that made any sense than were good if not..i apologize. I find myself staring at things for a while trying to see how it moves and how the light affecs it..i do it all the time...just study things i guess is what im trying to say..everything around you...and enjoy creating something out of nothing ^^

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