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Sony is almost assuredly phasing out 60GB PS3 in U.S. (OP update)



  • DarkWarriorDarkWarrior __BANNED USERS regular
    edited July 2007
    Knowledgable PS3-types, how does saving work for PSX/PS2 games? Will it save to the hard drive, or would I have to go find old memory cards?

    It creates a virtual memory card on the HDD. You don't need to format, I think when I inserted a PS2 game it straight away asked ebfore I started it that I create a virtual memory card for it.

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  • Dr_KeenbeanDr_Keenbean Dumb as a butt Planet Express ShipRegistered User regular
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    KiTA wrote: »
    Confused enough? Howabout a rumoured 40gig PS3 for $399?

    Shit I might even consider that.

    But a $400 entry point for PS3 would make too much sense. Sony will never do it.

    A used 20GB is about $300-400 on eBay, and you can swap the HDD out.

    Or you could be super sneaky, and buy one of the ones with a damaged HDD (As-is) on eBay for $10, and swap it out...

    I actually looked into this. It seems most on there have no video output and won't read discs. It makes me wonder if the video might still output over HDMI. Furthermore, if you buy these couldn't you register it and use the warranty to have Sony repair it?

    The idea of a $30 PS3 intrigues.

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