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Two Things

SSEnigmaSSEnigma Registered User regular
First off has anyone noticed that the forum loads 100x faster?
Second off why is the Monkey's Den above G&T, how dare they :)

All my post need 2 minute editing time
SSEnigma on


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    bone daddybone daddy Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited March 2005
    I will beat you like a red-headed step-child.

    bone daddy on
    Rogue helicopter?
    Ecoterrorism is actually the single largest terrorist threat at the moment. They don't usually kill people, but they blow up or set on fire very expensive things.
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    DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited March 2005
    That's hot

    EDIT: Hmmm my sig isn't showing up, it's checked in the post, and in the profile too. It's just not showing up.

    EDIT EDIT: Noone has sigs?

    Unknown User on
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    Garlic BreadGarlic Bread i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a bitch i'm a Registered User, Disagreeable regular
    edited March 2005
    I'm a red-head.


    Garlic Bread on
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    EchoEcho ski-bap ba-dapModerator mod
    edited March 2005
    SSEnigma wrote:
    First off has anyone noticed that the forum loads 100x faster?

    I can't decide whether I shal leave your title as is, or change it to "Master of Situational Awareness."

    Echo on
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