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glitch jail?

i was told that i am in a situation where it would take either bone or alpha to get me out of jail because it is a coding problem.

so, uh, how about it, fellas?


Riotcow wrote:
Bergy wrote:
i sometimes refer to myself as billy fucking idol and talk in the third person

that reminds me of the time i put on long socks, walked around naked and refered to myself as DoubleParis Hilton
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  • bone daddybone daddy Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited March 2005
    PM alpha. He has to reset jails with that glitch manually.

    bone daddy on
    Rogue helicopter?
    Ecoterrorism is actually the single largest terrorist threat at the moment. They don't usually kill people, but they blow up or set on fire very expensive things.
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