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Xfire fixes it, now waiting ensues...

PerrsunPerrsun Registered User regular
Wasn't sure if anybody knew...

Xfire finally listened to everybody and made the thing smaller:


There's 2 other sizes as well. All are sig compatible.

Now we need to decide, do we want the sigs back? Personally, I don't miss them THAT much. It kinda makes me look at people's avatars instead of their sigs, and the av is close to the name, so I'm kinda learning people's names. Either way, sigs or not, I'm happy.

Perrsun on


  • mccmcc glitch Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited March 2005
    The death of sigs is a technical issue and Alphamonkey has said he is working on it.

    As far as I know the only reason XFire sigs are currently banned is because of the size.

    mcc on
  • cheXziecheXzie Registered User regular
    edited March 2005
    still ugly :|

    cheXzie on
  • PerrsunPerrsun Registered User regular
    edited March 2005
    cheXzie wrote:
    still ugly :|

    There's 2 other sizes, and styles... the combat one is even more horrendous than that one... i went with lesser of 3 evils.

    Perrsun on
  • JinxJinx Registered User
    edited March 2005
    thanks for the heads-up on these. Much more convenient to have the tiny ones.

    Jinx on
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  • 043043 Registered User
    edited March 2005
    I want sigs back.

    You can't shrink 500x80 of personality into 64x64. Beat that logic.

    043 on
  • HenroidHenroid Radio Demon Internet HellRegistered User regular
    edited March 2005
    Well, now that Xfire fix'd their sigs... uh, I guess they aren't against the rules.

    Henroid on
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  • PheezerPheezer Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited March 2005
    1: Wrong forum

    2: The only reason Xfire sigs were mentioned specifically was because some people felt that since it was game related it was okay to flagrantly violate the sig size restrictions. Now that it's possible to use one without doing that, feel free to do so.

    3: Sigs will come back once alpha has the time to make them come back. You're all fine. Shut up and be happy. If it were up to me, they wouldn't come back and you'd all be glad because in exchange for your sigs you got a fast, stable forum to post on.

    Pheezer on
  • apotheosapotheos Registered User, ClubPA
    edited March 2005
    I made that rule.

    I now officially rescind it. It was solely a size problem.

    apotheos on

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