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Upgrading from XP to Vista

Mai-KeroMai-Kero Registered User regular
edited July 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So, my new laptop is shipping, but with Windows XP Home. I've been hearing many good things about Vista, so I'm wondering if I should upgrade.

Is there an option to upgrade, keeping all of the files and registry and whatnot from the XP installation, or will I need to reformat?

What's the cheapest way to get Vista, and what version should I get? Should there be discounted copies at my University's book store?

Mai-Kero on


  • Iceman.USAFIceman.USAF Major East CoastRegistered User regular
    edited July 2007
    If you go to school still, sometimes the school offers MS products for cheap. I got vista for $10.

    And yeah, when I installed vista from XP Pro, it created a file on my C drive called "Windows.old" which was basically my entire C drive BEFORE installing vista. Allowed me to copy/paste anything I wanted and then ditch the rest. Worked like a charm.

    Iceman.USAF on
  • setrajonassetrajonas Registered User regular
    edited July 2007
    wait what? How did you get 10 from your school? The best I can get is 80.

    setrajonas on
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