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Tales of the Legend of Final Saga : The Second Phantasy Profile : Recruiting?

ReynoldsReynolds Last Good BrotherMobile, ALRegistered User regular
edited August 2007 in Critical Failures
Sure, we've all played in a D&D game where the DM was obviously just ripping off Tolkien, Jordan, or Weis and Hickman. Wouldn't you have preferred that the DM rip off stories...FROM THE FAR EAST!?

Tales of the Legend of Final Saga : The Second Phantasy Profile is the working title for a 3/3.5e D&D game based on the anime and JRPG view of medieval fantasy. The swords are oversized, the heroes are color coded, and all the western myths used were translated by a harried salaryman that barely speaks English.

It looks like Anaximander and HotaCray have prettymuch cancelled on me. So I could use another person or two that's interested. Otherwise, four is good enough for me, really.

We'll be playing Sunday nights, from 7 PM Central to around 12 Midnight. Right when Shadowrun used to be, hint hint guys.

A mysterious ceremony is about to take place in the mythical Tower in the center of this strange world. The following characters have been assembled from far off lands to represent their various homelands. It was just supposed to be a diplomatic mission. Watch the ceremony, go to the festival, enjoy the feast and a very comfortable stay in the Tower's legendary guest quarters. Then it all went horribly wrong.

Name : Kanitu
Gender : Male
Age : 20's
Alignment : LN
Country : Northland; blatent Camelot ripoff with some viking overtones
Capital City : Tolemac
God : Midgard, frost dragon god whose remains make up the northern mountain range
Color : Blue
Weapon : 1h sword & kite shield
Sword : Stosri, named after epic fable from Northland
Mount : Saerom, female, and the proper name for the species is Dralnai (ice dragon/beast)
Class : Fighter
Personality: Brilliant with weaponry and very simple things, and not much else. Stereotypical knight.
Look : One large blue shoulder plate on his right and a much smaller one on his left, and a tabard with his country's emblem on it, white dragon (also on shield). Short dirty blonde hair, no beard.

Name : Warren Stills
Class: Cleric
Origin : Some backwoods island in the west
Color : Red
Personality : Mostly good guy whose greed takes the better of him from time to time
Look : Mildly armored with a bright red cloak
Weapon : Greatsword

Name : Roland Radfist
Class : Druid
Colour : Grey
Weapon : Badger/Spear
Personality : Like nature, he is the rage of the storm and the calm of the desert. Some might say he's got serious emotional issues, but he says he's just close to his god

Name : Nori Endwood
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Alignment : NG
Country : Mataki Forest
Capital : Brown Boo Village
God : Luna, moon goddess
Color : Green
Weapon : Shortbow
Bow : Jackal
Mount : Giant raccoon Shori
Class : Sorc
Personality : Very nervous, quiet at first, but can open up
Look : Mostly covered up by green cloak, with green eyes

Name : Vall Silverstone
Gender : Male
Age : 17
Alignment : CN
Country : Tylus; coastal nation of plains, run by merchant's guild, known for great food, Arabian style
Capital : Westport
God : Sierrist, catgirl goddess of love and desire
Color : Black
Weapon : Martial Arts
Martial Art : Way of the Nine Deities
Mount : None, always seem to be in the right place at the right time
Class : Rogue
Personality : Carefree, hedonistic lecher
Look : Average height, thin, with striking features and short, red hair. Wears a black, ninja-style gi under any other clothing.

Name : 'Killy' Maeno
Gender : Male
Alignment : CN
Country : Serpica ;steampunkish island chain, Greece-like, trade central on port city
Capital :North - Gakyo (port city), South Serpica - Junae Isle (mercanary/military HQ)
God :
Color : Purple
Weapon : Firearms (revolver)
Revolver : Ashen
Mount : Three-wheeled motorbike Skelter
Class : Rogue
Personality : Sarcastic, cynical veteran
Look : Purple hair (long, tied back with red and white bandanna) and eyes with goggles, tight purple combat pants with pockets, and sturdy boots. Tan sleeveless vest, black undershirt, line tattoo on left arm, left wristband.

One thousand years ago...
A legendary warrior and philosopher living in a far off land had advanced as far as he thought was possible. Still seeking the next level of strength and enlightenment, he developed a technique to expell all of the evil energy from his body. He planned to improve his spirit through this, and to improve his body by defeating the manifestation it would create.

Unfortunately, his evil energy greatly overpowered the warrior with its ruthlessness, cunning, and unexpected strength. The master had never suspected that so much of his power was drawn from his darker side, and his newly purged, entirely good body was completely unable to fend the new creation off. Nearly dead, the warrior was chased from his homeland and left to wander the world with no posessions or contacts, attempting to regain his strength.

The legend of the master has been erased entirely from his homeland, and the tale gives him no name in other lands. But everyone knows the name of his dark, murderous instincts : Rathborne.

He quickly moved to unseat the ruler of his homeland, using his physical resemblance to the master to slip into the royal home without incident. After slaughtering the royal family and the guard loyal to them, he firmly took power. Ruling with an iron fist, adding the power of the mage council to his own, he shaped the country into a massive engine of war. God, king, general, archwizard, and every other title that could be thought of was given to him, and he sent out his forces from his realm in a wave of violence never before seen.

Great countries fell, the war raging for years until they finally rallied around the forces of the Tower. Combining all their magics and energies, they prepared to destroy Rathborne by focusing this all through a series of magically and spiritually atuned orbs. Their plan was discovered, however, and the great blast only grazed the great royal home Rathborne had taken for himself, leaving a huge furrow dug through the earth on the way to it.

It missed and mostly harmed nothing but ground and smaller settlements, because he had impossibly harnessed magic and energy of his own to lift his realm from the earth itself. A huge crater was left behind, the sea blocked up around the rim, as if unwilling to enter. No animal lives in this waste, and no plant grows. Above it floats the country, casting a massive shadow straight down at all times.

The power used up by both sides was very slow to recharge, and an uneasy, unspoken truce was entered into. Fearing a sneak attack, the Tower scattered half of the orbs across the land. The other half were hidden deep within the Tower itself. The locations of the orbs in the Tower and the ones hidden away were revealed only to a very select few of the mystics that lived inside, vowing to stay there until their knowledge was needed.

Today, Rathborne has finally gathered his strength, along with a harem of warrior women that have inspired him to further endeavours. With his Muses by his side, his view has shifted from simple domination...to complete destruction. Interested in nothing less than the annihilation of all that is, Rathborne seeks to collect the orbs and funnel his powers through them, perverting their purpose and striking at the very heart of creation.

Now, only this band of novice heroes can protect the orbs. Gifted with the trove hidden within the Tower after one of the Muses and a small army of followers attacked during a ceremony and festival celebrating the one hundredth year of freedom from Rathborne's war, they must travel to the hiding places of the other orbs. Their duty is to gather up the twins of their gifted orbs, before Rathborne can discover where they have been hidden away.

Meanwhile, somewhere...a forgotten master has been training for one thousand years...

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  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
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  • MondayMonday Registered User
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  • ValkunValkun Registered User regular
    edited July 2007
    The big question is: do we need to visit four elemental dungeons or eight?

    Valkun on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Alright, there's three characters done. The adventure for Sunday is prettymuch 99% to complete, I just need to make sure everyone fits in properly. So I need those other three to get done! I've got my eye on Frost already.

    But, Hota and Anaximander I remember having a hard time finding. So, guys, you need to make sure to get a message to me, somehow, when you're on and ready to hammer out a character.

    Reynolds on
  • lsmfx1lsmfx1 Registered User
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    Me is here, for the first time, at this moment

    lsmfx1 on
    I think I am lost, I am suppose to be in your signature, aren't I?

    Click there for brownies...yeah.....brownies
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Since this is when we'd usually be doing SH...I'm going to be in #ODAM in case anyone wants to swing by with any questions, corrections, revised character sheets, etc. I'll try to be here all night.

    If Anaximander isn't ready tomorrow, you guys are going to be without any sort of healer...you should be okay for this introductory session, but it won't be as easy when you're in a real dungeon.

    Reynolds on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Well, Valkun came and chatted with me last night. No sign of the others. I hope Anaximander will be able to join us in some fashion tonight.

    Go time is just about thirty minutes away, people.

    Reynolds on
  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    "Kanitu steps up and acts intimidating!"

    Shinyo on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Well, I liked the first session, guys. Funtastic! Here's your template.
    Template : Legendary Cross Knight

    "Legendary Cross Knight" is a template that can be added to any creature that is chosen by the Legendary Cross Orbs. All entries only apply while transformed.

    HP : Same
    Init : Same
    Spd : Same

    AC : Character's Armor bonus increases by +1 per 2 levels, and their Dex bonus increases by 1/2 (rounded down)
    Attacks : Same
    Damage : All damage done by their chosen weapon is increased just as if it was a +1 magic weapon

    Special Attacks :

    Additions - Whenever you successfully land an attack, you may spend 1 TP to immediately make another attack at the original attack's bonus +1.

    Special Qualities :

    Transformation Points - Whenever you transform, you begin with (5+2*level) TP for each scene/day/any appropriate amount of time. Any time an attack that uses TP fails, you receieve 1/2 the cost back, rounded down (so no TP back for missing the first Addition).
    Gaining TP - You may gain additional TP whenever you are transformed and peform some suitably awesome, timely, or well-described action. These can increase your total past the normal maximum, and will carry over and affect your total until a significant amount of time has passed.

    Saves : Same
    Abilities : Same
    Skills : Same
    Feats : Same

    Climate/Terrain : Same
    Organization : Party (4-6)
    Challange Rating : Same as base creature + 1
    Treasure : Same
    Alignment : A slow shift towards a Good alignment is usually observed
    Advancement : Same

    So far, Nori was the only one to pull of an Addition, that he called Double Arrow.

    I'm going to need little things for you to say when you transform...like Nori is the 'Strength of Earth'. I also need a description of your transformed outfit, weapons, armor, etc.

    You're also getting outfitted with standard adventuring gear. So if you have anything special you want, speak up here!

    I'm also looking for one or two more people, if HotaCray and Anaximander aren't planning to play. We need a healer or two.

    Reynolds on
  • MondayMonday Registered User
    edited August 2007
    " The Spearman charged past Killy's hiding spot, he glances to the left to see an odd metallic relic in eyeline between himself and Killy: the last image burned into his memory before it was plastered red against the white pillars.

    Monday on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Here's the generic equipment list that the Tower provided you with.
    Belt Pouch
    Flint and steel
    Hemp Rope (50 ft.)
    Torches (4)
    Trail Rations (5 days)
    Waterskin (2, one water and one wine)

    And one large tent for the group.

    I tried to whittle that down quite a bit. If there's anything else you require, now is the time to ask. Anything in the main book is probably okay, things in other books I'll have to look at. If you have something in mind but can't find an entry for it, let me know.

    The remaining two men, a master Druid and Cleric, also supply you with a magical map. It will display the known world in general detail, or the local area in greater detail. It will also point you towards the nearest Orb, and help you map out dungeons. Any other information you guys would like?

    Also, if anyone wants to adjust their character, their stats and such, tell me now. I'll ask again after the first dungeon is finished, but that will probably be your last chance to change things.

    Reynolds on
  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Would a glaive of some sort I could use from my mount be alright?

    Shinyo on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Sure, glaive is in the regular book. It's two-handed though, so you can't use it with your shield. There's also the classic lance. They're both reach weapons, though, so they only work 10 feet away.

    Reynolds on
  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Cool. I figure I'll only be using it while on my mount (or other rare moments), so I don't think either of those things will be much of a problem.

    Shinyo on
  • ValkunValkun Registered User regular
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    Vall Silverstone, Cross Mask

    Transformation Battlecry: Truth is relative.

    Transformation Outfit: A golden helm forms over the head with the faces of the Nine Dieties forming a mask on each side complete with outlandish hair for each side. The masks rotate to match whichever expression and emotion Vall wishes to convey.

    The chest piece is seperated into two sections: the left is shaped like that of a male with chiseled abdominal muscles and pec, the right is that of a female breastplate.

    Flowing folds of black cloth stretch down from the midsection to cover the legs in a dark cloud of fabric that hides the movements of his legs.

    Addition: Ethereal Striker. After landing a successful attack, ghostly copies of Vall appear near the target and launch their own Nine Dieties style assault. Each TP spent in this manner increases the number of apparitions that appear.

    Valkun on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Last Good Brother Mobile, ALRegistered User regular
    edited August 2007
    That idea is both fitting and really creepy. I think the battlecry should refer a bit more to the actual person and their abilities, but you guys are coming up with ones that are pretty cool, so it works.

    In other news (I think I mentioned this in the SotC thread), a friend that's been gone for five years just moved back into town. I've been running around like mad all week. How do you guys feel about postponing tonight's session? We can just come back next Sunday, or I could do something another night this week. I just don't think I'm quite prepared enough.

    If you guys still want to continue tonight, I'll be back around 7 PM and we can try to get some stuff accomplished.

    Reynolds on
  • MondayMonday Registered User
    edited August 2007
    so we're all hanging out in the room

    waiting for a DM > _ >

    Monday on
  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Reynolds, you better be sexin' lots of wimmins D:

    Shinyo on
  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    So do we still show up tomorrow or what?

    Shinyo on
  • ValkunValkun Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I'll show up but if Reynolds doesn't appear by 5:30 PST, I'm going to go catch a movie or something.

    Valkun on
  • MondayMonday Registered User
    edited August 2007
    its likely that we'll eat out today. but I'll hold out till maybe 6-8 pst

    Monday on
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