It's just a joke, right?

ginryu42ginryu42 United StatesRegistered User regular
So, this "infighting" going on between the creators of the splendid entertainment hitherto known as "PA!" is a joke akin to an April Fool's prank? Is that correct or have I picked up the wrong inferences from other threads in this forum?

"He who has relied least on fortune is established the strongest." -Niccolo Machiavelli
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    NephtesNephtes Registered User regular
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    Meh...who knows. Still waiting for today's comic. I'll be cool so long as we still get VGCats on Monday....ahhh....VGCats...

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    KnobKnob TURN THE BEAT BACK InternetModerator mod
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    You people really can't be this stupid.

    No one is that stupid.

    This is all just a put-on, right?

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    yourclothesyourclothes __BANNED USERS regular
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    hey knob my name is easy

    but you can call me e

    but it doesn't really matter to me

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    scjohnnoscjohnno Registered User regular
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    These guises of intellect bore me greatly.

    oh shi

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