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Trouble with Downloads

BucketmanBucketman Call meSkraggRegistered User regular
edited August 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Lately my internets been running slower then usual, and while this is really no problem with webpages (oh no I have to wait 2 more seconds!) this is a real problem with downloading. And i'm not just talking about the kind of DL where not suppose to talk about here (though I DO have trouble with those too I think its connected) I'm talking about LEGAL stuff. Like videos off you-tube loading super slow, DL programs and WoW Addons and Streaming Video takes FOREVER.

If it helps I have DSL internet (though not really sure how fast it is...) and a D-Link Router Model DI6-04 Revision. I've been fiddling with this all night to no avail. If anyone can help it would be a great boon.

Oh also all the programs are set to go through my Firewall, and I have tried turning it off.

Thanks in advance.

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    FallingmanFallingman Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    ISP? they may be throttling you if they deem your downloading patterns to be "above average" and therefore they'll cap your speed "in fairness to all the other users".

    Check their FUP (fair useage policy)

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