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Pokemon: Miniatures Tabletop Europe

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Hopefully this is the right place...I was hunting a thread about the Pokemon game Gabe mentioned today and couldn't for the life of me find it. I was wondering if there were other Europeans out there that had stumbled across it and how it was doing in their neck of the woods.

Living in Berlin this game's been out for a while now....and it's already living on the dead backshelf in most of the gaming stores. True, it's being sold in places that don't usually sell collectible figure games (like Department Stores, weirdly enough), but I don't know if Berlin is just a crappy city for pokemon and new table top games (it's possible: Germans still play the D&D miniatures game like fiends here) but I was just wondering how it was doing elsewhere.

My 2 Cents: Part of the reason the thing might not be doing well is that as cool as the pieces look (and they do look Really good) they're also really expensive compared to, well, any other game. 15 euros (roughly $20.70 by current currency exchanges) is the price for a single booster that contains 3 figures. I'm SURE they'll make it cheaper than that when it comes out in the states but even so, it's a pretty pricy game to try to get kids into over here. (Disclaimer: I've been out of the U.S. for half a decade now. I've no clue if inflation has gotten INSANE during that period of time or what.)

Oh and to be honest, I do have a few of these guys on my shelf. The game's fun and the pieces look awesome, but there's a significant lack of people forking over enough money to really play that often. Nothing's more depressing than buying your 2nd booster of 3 new figures and find out 2 of them are exactly the same as what you got in your very first one. Throw in the price factor and, well, yeah. There's a reason I only have 10 of this game's figures, 2 of which are duplicates.

So, before the big American release, how's it doing in your neck of the woods?

Edit: Holy Crap, they definitely made it cheaper for Americans to Play the game. Like, half as expensive. Jeez.

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