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My laptop is going nuts?! Help!

mntorankusumntorankusu Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Games and Technology
Okay. Basically, sometimes when something attempts to write to either my DVD-RW drive, USB removable storage devices, or the SD card reader, my laptop will freeze (completely, mouse pointer and all) or start going very slow, and almost always the write speed is incredibly slow. I use all of these things a lot, often at the same time! So this is a huge problem!

For example, I burned a DVD yesterday (selected 8x speed) and it burned at an average of 0.6x, or about 700 KB/s. It took 30 minutes to burn slightly over one gigabyte of data! The resulting disc also appears to be slightly screwed, as it skips a lot when played back in my DVD player.

It also occasionally happens for no particular reason, or when I copy/move files on the hard drive, but it's much less common when I'm not using the disc drive, a USB drive or the SD card reader.

When it happens, a process shows up in the task manager called "Interrupts" (Description: Hardware Interrupts) and uses up almost 100% of the CPU. This just baffles me.

It's an Acer Aspire 3100 with a Mobile AMD Sempron 3200+ and 1 GB of RAM. Help. :(

mntorankusu on


  • j0hnz3rj0hnz3r Registered User
    edited August 2007
    Sounds like hardware or firmware failures, or one really weird virus. Make sure to do a full sweep of your hard drive to eliminate that possibility, as well as doing the usual driver update. It could be that your HDD is dying, or possibly the motherboard or bus.

    If it's not that it's likely the laptop itself, which would need to be repaired. The good news is that if it's not a virus or something, your data is likely still intact and should be quickly backed up.

    j0hnz3r on
  • mntorankusumntorankusu Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I haven't lost any data, and I've run chkdsk and it found no errors. I've done virus checks, spyware checks, all that. Nothing found.

    My warranty expires soon so I guess I should go ahead and call and get a repair, unless I can find a solution quick.

    mntorankusu on
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