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Good 360-compatable LCD monitor?

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For the last few years I've been using a ~25" CRT that I got on the cheap, and while it's proven effective for its purpose, its asthetics (particularly its weight) leave something greatly to be desired. I'm going to be heading back to college next month, but I'd rather it didn't as well, and to that end I've started looking at some LCD monitors to take its place in the dorm.

This wouldn't be too much of a problem in and of itself, but I also plan on picking up a 360 around November when the new chipsets are (hopefully) in abundance, and my TV only does 480p (as the CRT monitor might suggest, my vision isn't exactly the sharpest and I wasn't willing to go to 720/1080 given the cost). While I'm not worried too much about the AV stuff, I do want to be able to play the 360 without the nasty crunching from playing on a 480 set, and if I can get a monitor that can really bring the 360's graphics out without too much extra cost, all the better.

Since the forum search is gimped, I started looking around on Google and the like, and through such have come upon these:

Hanns-G HW-223DPB 22"

Samsung 206BW 20"

Sceptre X20WG-108P 20"

Benq FP222W 22"

Chimei CMV 221D-NBC 22"

Acer AL2016W8bd 20"

Acer AL2216Wbd 22"

Are any of these good, or are there any other models I should be looking at? I'm willing to spend quite a bit if the monitor's going to work really well, but as of now I've got a cap of $300 to work with.

What about the cables and plugs I should be using to hook the 360 up? There's a set on Circuitcity I could probably find on Amazon (though links to good deals of this type would be appreciated) but I haven't got a clue about the audio plugs.

Also, what should I know about the set-up process? The common setup seems to be running the PC through DVI and the console through the VGA, but in all honesty I know almost nothing about DVI: is it available only on specific graphic cards or is it a standard feature on PCs made after a certain date, or simply a new kind of connection cable that plugs into the standard VGA socket? Or would I be better off simply getting a VGA switchbox of sorts and just jumping between them as I need or see fit?

EDIT: Well, crap, it's only NOW that I see that G&T thread.

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