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view newest post button seems broke

XieflowXieflow Registered User regular
when I click it it brings me to the weirdest spot (ie: page 2 of the chat thread that's on page 26), and topics are marked "unread" for me even if I'm read them already.

It's all messed up. And I had been hopeless addicted to that view-latest-post button, also.

Xieflow on


  • DaySleeperDaySleeper regular
    edited May 2005
    I've run into this one, too. I thought it was just me. I think it's picking an arbitrary 'last post you viewed' point and going to that every time.

    DaySleeper on
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  • XieflowXieflow Registered User regular
    edited May 2005
    it seems to work in some forums, but not others.

    view newest posts is broken in G&T (and I've tried "mark all messages as read", then all the folders are the yellow color, then a new post shows up, I click "view latest post" and it sends me to page 2 again) for me

    E3 forum, however, it's working fine.

    Xieflow on
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