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Dealing with HR

phonkensteinphonkenstein Registered User regular
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I work for 9 bucks an hour at Staples as an "easy tech". When I started there almost a year ago, I was promised that the pay for all of us would be competitive with other similar positions in the area (Geek Squad, Firedog). Its 10 months later and I'm still making the same nine dollars an hour, and today it came to my attention that other, less qualified applicants have been offered $13.

I talked to my managers about getting $10 an hour, and they refused.

I'm planning on calling human resources tomorrow to see if there's any way of getting a raise, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I have a chance of getting anything from them? Has anyone been in a similar situation? What should I say to improve my odds of getting a raise?

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  • elizabexelizabex Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Typical HR policies ask that you first try to address any problems you're experiencing (yours counts) with you immediate managers, and then contact HR if your issue cannot be resolved with your supervisor. The action HR would likely take would be to talk to your manager, or you and your manager together, to try and resolve whatever issue is going on. They would not, based on your complaint/issue, direct your manager to assign you a raise, or direct a course of action for the manager to follow.

    So, in short, I'd suggest contacting HR and letting them know you have an issue with your managers regarding a promised competitive pay increase. Let them know that you've already talked to your manager about the issue, and have reached a dead-end. HR is the logical next step for you to take by framing the conversation that way. :)

    Best of luck!

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