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Shrinking main partition in Vista...

mcdermottmcdermott Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So I was stupid. I forgot to leave a 40GB or so partition on my 250GB hard drive for a future dual-boot (Windows/Linux) configuration I had intended when I bought this computer. Well now I've gone through and installed all my shit, got everything set up, and don't have another hard drive with nearly enough space to back everything up.

So, the problem. I know in Vista that one can resize partitions (without third-party utilities). I've gone into the Disk Management utility, and tried to do this. Unfortunately, while I have 85GB free on my hard drive, it's only allowing me to shrink the partition by 11GB...which, I'm thinking, is going to be woefully inadequate for my Linux partition.

Now, I'm guessing this is due to not having enough contiguous free space to shrink the volume...I've disable hibernation, done disk cleanup, and my last defrag was only a few days ago (I'm running another as I type this). So, assuming this current defrag doesn't do the trick, what can I do to get a larger chunk of contiguous free space? Like I said, I'm shooting for 40GB, but fuck even 20GB-30GB would probably end up being enough...I'm not planning on installing all that much on this partition.

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