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Net Send - Can't find alias

RevolutionaryRevolutionary Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey guys, trying to get netsend working at school. So my friend and I boot up our laptops and enable messenger service.

I tried the following commands:

net send friend message

Didn't work (couldn't find the alias on the network.) So I used the domain with it.

net send /domain friend message

Friend and domain are obviously substituted for their real values. And this on a network my friend made, so net send wouldn't gave been disabled. We are both on XP and are both using laptops. If I use the * operator instead of name it works, sending it to me but not to him. And if I try to send a message to myself it doesn't work, so I'm under the impression the format is wrong.

Remembering we're the only two on the network.

However, on my home network it (net send name message) works fine.

Are there any other factors I'm not aware of?

Note: I'd prefer to avoid software if possible and stick to just the command prompt.

Revolutionary on


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    stigweardstigweard Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    IIRC, net send was patched to remove most functionality ages ago (sp2) because of companies spamming ads with it. Have you treid disabling the built in xp firewalls and enabling the messenger services?

    stigweard on
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    RevolutionaryRevolutionary Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    What happened with SP2 is it was set to 'off' by default. As for the firewall I'll give it a go.

    And enabling the messenger services is what I did in the first place.

    Revolutionary on
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    blincolnblincoln Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    Try using the machine name or IP address of each others' laptop instead of your user names. If that doesn't work, maybe your school's network doesn't allow it?

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