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Mkai. So after my last post (a kajillion years ago, it was angel thingy) I decided to put the ole' Wacom on the shelf and stick to plain pen(cil) and paper until I ger better O_o

Anywho. I drew this today. It's not really supposed to be anyone in particular, i was just trying to get in the hang of proportions as well as doing clothing and wrinkles right. I forget who posted it, but whoever gave me that seven folds diagram and the other cloth tutorial, thank you. They have helped alot.

Ok, in this guy, the arms a little too short and the head is a little too small. The only other problem I really had was the feet. I hate feet. I cannot for the life of me draw them well. Once in a while I will draw a really good one, and I will change to whole picture just to make it fit the good foot O_o (of course then the other foot looks like crap. Anywho, tell me what you think.

(also if this is supposed to go in the doodle thread, I apologize, I really wasn't sure)


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    If you continue to post your work and progress there is no problem with the thread.

    One thing, right away, don't use lined paper. Even white computer paper will suffice. It's just makes things harder for us to see, and I'm sure it makes things harder for you. It also looks like you are "petting the line" (which I too am guilty of sometimes) Try to get in the habit of making your lines in one stroke instead of a few scratches.

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    Hey, I've actually been looking for the seven folds tutorial. Would much appreciate a repost or whatever.

    If you know stuff is bad, why not fix it? Even if it takes a lot more time, I'd redo the head. Loomis is an excellent source to study proportions, it's in the Tutorial sticky. Helped me a great deal. For example, I'm pretty sure your legs are too long, and the right leg is longer than the left.
    My advice would be to first get the theory down, then do a bunch of sketches that aren't too detailed, just to get the hang of it, and then move on to more detailed stuff.

    No lined paper.

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