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Thank you to all who contributed to the NVIDIA database

hobbseltoffhobbseltoff Sammamish, WARegistered User regular
edited August 2007 in PAX Archive
In case you were all wondering, I was guy with the laptop on Sunday. I can't take credit for starting the excel sheet, but I was maintaining it all day Sunday. I don't know exactly how many people found their matches through me but I do know it led to the winning of an 8800GTX and an 8800GTS.

I also want to greatly thank people for their generosity. I'm not going to disclose how much I got in tips but let's just say I don't have to pay for my badge for a few years :P. And I'd also like to recognize the people who helped out with this. Sky was the original creator of the database but he wasn't there on Sunday because he used his tip money to go get wasted... Next was Josh who helped read info for the original data entry process and kind of oversaw everything on Sunday. And finally there was Lindsay who was the person looking up numbers on her laptop on Sunday.

I know the whole concept was confusing so I'm going to explain what was going on. This thing all started when the 2 clipboards were being passed around. They were then compiled into an excel document. On Saturday night I stuck it up on my website ( and used a PHP script to read the excel file and display it. Then also that night, Josh printed out the list and posted it up near where we were sitting. Throughout the day I entered new numbers into the file and was constantly updating the site which Lindsay's laptop was viewing.

Apparently NVIDIA thought this was amusing because when I showed them the database right before it closed on Sunday and they gave me one of the $50 gift certificates.

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope to see all of you next year!

hobbseltoff on


  • SchrodingerSchrodinger Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I was actually the one who started the whole signups and clipboards thing, and made sure that it had the necessary inertia for the last hours of Friday and the first few hours of Saturday. Well, except for 10:30-11:30, when I wanted to go to an event. Big thanks to Travis for taking over during that time. And big thanks to the people who started the nVidia thread for helping me out on Friday (I didn't catch their names, but I recall that their numbers matched up with the first ones in that thread).

    Never did I imagine how far this would go.

    Schrodinger on
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