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Last minute trip ideas?

nexuscrawlernexuscrawler Registered User regular
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So I've been quite bored lately and Labor Day weekend has snuck up on me. I'd like ot go somewhere that isn't my parentsor my home for a little bit. Maybe a day trip or an overnight trip. I jut need a change of scenery badly. any ideas where in the Northeast I could go that won't be a clusterfuck consdering the holiday weekend thing?

I could probaby get a car to use or rent one easily enough. I'd likely be flyin solo on this one too.

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    tuscloud311tuscloud311 Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I'd likely be flyin solo on this one too.

    why solo? road trips are 10000x more fun with a friend or 2...also, they contribute a lot for coming up with events and ideas. 2 minds are greater than 1!

    and sorry, but i know NOTHING about the North East...i think like, i know 2 states over there or something.

    GL whatever you end up doing though, and be safe! cars = dangerous on holidays

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    witch_iewitch_ie Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    I did something similar when I was in college over winter break. I was on the west coast, so my top two choices were the Grand Canyon (which I'd been to before) and San Francisco (which I hadn't). I ended up taking a bus to SF from San Diego and had some sights (not too touristy) I wanted to see in mind. I just went to get the feel of a place I'd never been to before. That trip consisted of a total of one night in the city, traveling by bus to and from at night.

    As a result, I think it depends on where you've been and not been before that would be interesting to you. I would recommend Boston...some sightseeing and what not if you're not familiar with the town. I believe there's a China Town bus that leaves from NY and goes to South Station in Boston, then you can ride the T around town anywhere you want to go or stay. No need for a car with this plan.

    Another one would be to visit Connecticut or Maine. I think they're supposed to have good seasonal seafood about this time. Drive around some small Mystic in Connecticut. See what's there and going, on, walk around their more central areas and just relax.

    Anywhere you go, make sure to book a hotel ASAP - might be expensive, but better than finding you have no place to sleep at night. Have fun!

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    DrFrylockDrFrylock Registered User regular
    edited August 2007
    There's really not much to do in Mystic, CT, although the northeast does have great scenery.

    My advice is to head up to Laconia/Weirs Beach in NH, although it will probably be busy as the summer's ending. Should be exciting and lots of stuff going on though, especially on the lakes.

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    cocheseisdeadcocheseisdead Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I'll go ahead and second Boston. It's a great city and you can walk the whole thing in a few hours. Mike's pastry makes my absolute favorite cannoli of all time and I'd recommend a stop in there if only to pick up a half dozen to take home.

    Stay out of Vermont. This state is ass. Would be quiet though, I suppose. All we've got is Church street and it's a mere three blocks long. Maine is pretty boring too. Go to Boston.

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