Driver Installation Problems

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Long story short, i needed to reinstall windows XP onto my laptop (i was using ubuntu), however i am at college and did not realize i had forgotten my drivers disc somewhere at home (where at home, i have no idea)

Now i've installed the drivers for my ethernet, wireless, vga, etc, but the big problem is my audio driver, i have tried many things and have even brought it to the CIT technicians here at school and they couldn't get me my driver

the device itself is a Realtek AC'97 Audio

I have a gateway mx6455, i've already checked the gateway site and the audio driver they supply fails upon installation, i have gone all over the internet trying to install this driver, and have spent roughly 3 hours trying to fix the problem, but to no avail

so here i am, asking for help

if i can not install the driver, however, would anyone at the least be able to show me how to make my computer stop beeping every time i do something (the beeping is not coming from my speakers, my computer does not recognize the speakers)

three days ago, the sound was working absolutely fine in ubuntu, and i have only been having problems upon installing windows


-also if this helps at all when i try to "install new hardware" after uninstalling the device it comes up with this message:

There was a problem installing this hardware: realtek ac'97 audio

this device cannot start. (code 10)

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    can anyone help me out here?

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