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"Could not insert new word matches"

BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog Registered User regular
As seen in this thread. For some reason, whenever I would post the text under "My original post" ("Consider my usual $0.02", etc), the forums would give me a strange error:

"Could not insert new word matches."

As I mention in my edited, post, I checked twice to make sure my post went through - and it didn't. So, I made a "Odd. It's giving me an error, 'Could not insert new word matches.' Except for this reply." just to test and see if maybe it had to do with how I was wording something - and low and behold, the post went through.

And then, magically, all three of my posts turn up - my original message, double-posted, and my new "Odd." post. So, I went back, edited my double posts, and re-edited my "Odd." post to read a new message, AND my original post - and upon hitting submit, once again...

"Could not insert new word matches."

So, I was directed to contact Alpha, and here I am, in the Monkey Den.

BlazeHedgehog on
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