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Repairing the foam around a speaker.

Food?Food? Registered User regular
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The foam around the woofers on my Cerwin-Vega speakers has long since deteriorated, and as such, have fallen off. I'm going to buy a foam repair kit on eBay (assuming this is a good idea). I measured the speakers, from one outside edge of the foam to the other, and it came out to 9". However, the only sizes I can find for the repair kit are 8", 10", and 12". Did I measure it wrong (making it 8"), or do I have an unfortunate woofer size?

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    NarketNarket __BANNED USERS regular
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    i would imagine that you need to get the repair kit for an 8 inch woofer. mainly, because the speaker itself is more than likely 8 inches, and the foam just adds an inch. i tried repairing mine with silicone once, and it worked okay, but i'd try your method first.

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