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Headphone(set?) advice

VeeveeVeevee WisconsinRegistered User regular
edited September 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones as the pair I have are crap. I mostly play games, but I do listen to music on my computer as well. I was looking at newegg and I came across this

The reviews make it seem pretty solid, and the fact that it is actually a headset would let me finally get on vent and be able to talk. I come to you, the people of H/A because I trust you people more than any number of newegg reviews. Is this set as good as the reviews make it sound?

Also, if anyone can think of a better set of headphones (or a headset) go ahead and suggest it, but it needs to be Circumaural and around $50 ($60 max shipped, please). Any connection type is fine as I have a local radioshack with plenty of adaptors.

Veevee on


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