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Xbox 360 Hard Drive Question

VulnoXVulnoX Registered User regular
edited September 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Ok, as many of you know they are releasing a Halo 3 Xbox. Now I am anything but a huge Halo fan, but I like the Xbox, sorry, I just do. At the same time, I have an Xbox 360 Elite with a 120 gig HD. Going to a 20 gig for the Halo one would be a step in the way wrong direction.

I plan to give the Elite to my Uncle who has been without a 360 and has no way of getting one right now.

Since the Halo HD case has its own special paint job and the Elite has chrome sides on its HD case, I thought it would look stupid just swapping the whole fixtures.

Is it possible to remove the hard drives themselves from the cases, swap them, and have no problems?


VulnoX on
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