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Save the Universe

LibrarianThorneLibrarianThorne Registered User regular
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First off, to let everyone know, this is sort of a sitewhore thread. I wouldn't do this, but there's a pretty burning need for it, so I'll explain.

I attend college in Athens, Ohio. Known more for partying and other craziness, there's only ever really been one place for the geeks and nerds that attend Ohio University to hang out, and that was our comic shop. Titled the Universe of Superheroes it was a comic book and tabeltop gaming store that catered to the customers. New comic day was always fantastic and there was always Wednesday Warhammer, Thursday Versus, and Friday Night Magic amongst other events. It was the definition of a hole in the wall comics shop but goddamn if the atmosphere of the shop itself wasn't incredible.

Due to an electrical fire, the store burned almost to the ground in the second week of June. All of their comics inventory, including first issues of Superman: Man of Steel, Weird War Tales, and the fourth issue of the Avengers, went up in smoke. In addition, all of their back stock was annihilated, 90% of the Warhammer models were destroyed, all of the gaming books (rules for games such as Exalted and Dungeons & Dragons) similarly consumed.

THe shop is still open, running out of a nearby garage with a promise of returning to its former location next month (the place is under construction as I type, actually). But the store needs money to restore pull lists and buy gaming tables, not to mention do more than get the weekly comics and sell a box or two Magic's tenth edition. That's why I'm coming here.

The site is and there you can make paypal donations to keep the store afloat. If not for me, then do it for an entire college town's worth of gamers and nerds that need a place like the Universe of Superheroes.

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  • OrikaeshigitaeOrikaeshigitae Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    Did they have insurance?

    Orikaeshigitae on
  • LibrarianThorneLibrarianThorne Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Did they have insurance?

    They did, but the insurer classified them not as a retail store but as a collectible store and as such hosed them for not insuring the collectible items (Magic cards, old comics, etc.) They got the building owner's insurance, so they can rebuild the place, but all of their inventory basically went up in smoke.

    LibrarianThorne on
  • gift100001gift100001 __BANNED USERS new member
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    I like this post.

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