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Help! None of my videos on my PC have color!

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I just formatted my drives and reinstalled Windows XP. I performed all of the windows updates, installed the latest drivers for the 6800GT, and nForce3 chipset. Downloaded DivX and installed. The problem is this: my videos play; I can see the picture, and hear everything just fine, but there is no color. It's not exactly black and white, but a light purple and blackish color. All of the media files I have backed up on my machine look like this; however, videos on YouTube and Google appear in color. Quicktime videos on GameTrailers appear in the two-tone hues I described as well as normal DivX videos.

Update here: The official DivX player plays all of the videos correctly. When I try to load the same file in Windows Media Player, it appears in the two-tone color. Videos viewed in Quicktime appear two-toned as well. So something is screwing up both WMP and Quicktime viewers right after I just formatted?

My Googling has turned up nothing. Any ideas?


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    After much searching I finally found what the problem was. Apparently there is a bug of some sort in the latest nVidia ForceWare drivers that has the Saturation set to 0% in the color settings. If you open up the nVidia Control Panel and go under the Video & Television option --> Adjust video color settings, crank up the Saturation slider (which was set to 0%) to ~50% makes everything work great.

    Mods feel free to close this.

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