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    DakalDakal Registered User regular
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    someone should just break into his cabin and hold him hostage until he finishes Dance of Dragons

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    Ferry wrote: »
    150cc wrote: »
    Ferry wrote: »
    150cc wrote: »
    My dearest Mr. Ferris,

    I would be honoured to do your bidding in the aforementioned manner.

    I certainly find great enjoyment in perusing your delectable prose.

    Mr. Eyesock

    Dear 150 Cubic Centimeters

    It is capital to hear from you!
    Has your jaunt to the country improved the state of your consumption? I had feared for your health in the past, but hearing from you now allows me a modicum of hope and joy in these dark times.

    Best of Luck,

    Ferris F. Ferrington

    Good sir Ferris,

    I am feeling right proper. The unfortunate cough and blood-soaked handkerchief that my consumption caused has improved immensely since I took my coach to Blackpool. My medical physician has bled my forearm twice nightly to balance my humours. I shall enjoy this evening's ball given by the Duke, but I shan't forget your kind words.

    I remain,

    Isocc P. Sockerville

    Sir Sockerville,

    I am elated to hear that your conditions have improved! Have you read of Franz Joseph Gall's science of phrenology? By measuring the shape and nature of the skull it allows insight into the nature of both the noble man and the savage criminal! Heaven knows the applications of such knowledge would be stunning!

    When will you be returning to the city, for when you do I shall send my man Simmons for you so that we might play croquet, that is if your find your spirits up to such and endeavor.



    My earnestly loved Ferris,

    I am quite tired from an evening of waltzes! It was the finest ball I have ever seen, with an elegant place-setting and the finest of cooked meats. I do so look forward to a fine game of croquet, and perhaps we shall engage in monetary betting whilst watching your hounds fight one another. I shall bring large amounts of silver coin!

    I look forward to seeing you in a fortnight, good sirrah, and regaling you with tales of my conquests and my prowess at the waltz.

    The Lord's blessings,


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    StraightziStraightzi Here we may reign secure, and in my choice, To reign is worth ambition though in HellRegistered User regular
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    Man it was just like yesterday that Dynagrip was bitching at me for using fortnight.

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