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Weird 'em

ScottyScotty Registered User regular
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I've had some crazy dreams, and actually get out of bed and write them down.
Hope these are coherent enough to read.:P

This thread is for dreams..the ones that are either awesome, or frightening.


Dream #1

I had this dream. Where John Belushi was still on Saturday Night Live. He was gone for a while, but came back, and started doing all his old sketches, but they weren't funny anymore. People were bored. Then I came on the show as a new guy, and did a sketch with him where it was all improve. I was in a yellow teddy bear suit, and he was this guy who had to watch over me. We sit across from each other at a table, and I just sit there staring at him all blank-like. He starts remembering things he's had to watch over a wooden bridge that always had flaming buses full of corpses going over it for no reason. He had to make sure the bridge didn't burn by spraying it with a water hose after each flaming bus went over. Anyhow, I'm still sitting across from him, and he decided that it isn't so bad watching me in this yellow bear suit. I don't appear to be going anywhere, so he decides to go to the bathroom. I'm still sitting there all blank-like for like another minute after he leaves......then i turn my head to the audience (first time I've even moved). I stand up...face still blank and walk off stage slowly. John comes back, and he's like..."Oh, crap...where'd he go?"
Suddenly I come down from the back of the theatre, and slowly walk down through the audience...touching different people....they don't expect this at all, and find it comical. (Since they're muttering under their breath previously that this show has been a bomb so much as of late..this is great) John looks up and see's that it's me, and he yells out at me. Then I scream at the top of my lungs, and slowly walk towards him. The audience is laughing. John climbs back on stage and tells me to get back at the table. I walk slowly to the edge of the stage, and try to climb up...all cumbersomely and awkward. I get stuck under a light or something, and start freaking out. (the audience laughs hysterically) John has to come over and help me out from under this thing, and I grab him hard, and scream and scream. I then start to pee myself, (it's just water, but the audience doesn't know and laugh HARD) John's all..."awww man...yellow bear...I love you." The sketch ends, and we leave the stage. Walking down the steps to our dressing room backstage...the writers run over to congratulate us on improvising something so hilarious, and were all proud.

Dream #2

So I'm with a buddy, and were getting sick of our lives right? The usual everyday....well, EVERYDAY. One night we're hanging out at my apartment, when there's this knock at the door. I go look through the peep hole...nothing. I call out..."anyone there?" Nothing. So after arguing with chris about whether he should open it, or if I should.....I open it. That's right, I was the man that started the sequence of events that are about to unfurl.

I open the door slowly, first with the chainlock on, because let's face it, I'm not that gutsy yet. I can see that there's this envelope on the floor outside. Hmmmmm.....ok, so I know I have to pick it up, but, I'm apprehensive obviously since this is really weird. I decided to just take the chain off and open the door and get it. So I do, and I shut the door and lock it. Chris snatches the envelope from my hands (like he earned the right to open it or something) I grab it back after tackling him to the ground and giving him a shot in the arm. I then tear the envelope open, and inside is...nothing. What a rip right? I toss the envelope onto the table and out slides what look to be two plane tickets. Weird huh?

We each grab a ticket and have a look. They have some weird writing on them that I can't make out, but it does say clearly on one part of it NORTH WINDOW. Okay, this is strange, but I'm feeling a bit more gutsy. So I look over where the north window of my apartment is...look at Chris, and we both shrug before walking over to see what happens...if anything. So, we get to the window, nothing. Chris says, "maybe we should open it?" I figure he may be right, didn't say anything about that on the ticket or whatever it was, so I say, "nah". Suddenly, SMASH, were both sucked out of the window through the glass (figures that Chris would be right for once in his life...should have opened it) and were being pull through the air, surprisingly we have no cuts or anything. whatever is sucking us through the air must have pull the glass out just barely before us so that we weren't Anyhow, here we are flying like a cheerios being sucked through a vacuum cleaner hose towards God knows what. I look at Chris who I could tell is not enjoying the trip at all because of the girly screaming he's letting out. I wondered to myself how he could possibly let out such a scream with so much air blowing across his face. I just finished that thought and we suddenly began to slowly lower onto this platform with cool red and blue lights on it, and a door on one side. Weird, but pretty cool too. Anyhow, the door says OPEN on it, which to me seems pretty obvious, and Chris is saying behind me that there's no way I should open it after what just happened. I'm in no mood to argue with that, so we decided to sit and regain our composure. NOPE, the door that says open on it, blasts open on it own and this crazy looking old lady is standing there in what looks to be a white nurses outfit...she's motions her finger in come this way gesture. I look at Chris, who is scared of old ladies by the way, and he's shaking his head back and forth rapidly in a NO. I look at the lady and shrug. Well, she's not having this, and whips out a weird gun-like thing and points it at us. Suddenly were being levitated and pulled towards her. Chris is screaming again...cripes, I wished he'd stop that. We float through the door, past the creepy old lady, and into this really bright room where we can barely see.

I don't much like squinting, the feeling of my eyelashes brushing together uncomfortably really irks me. I can barely see Chris standing next to me, he looks hilarious because the bright white light makes him look like he's covered in flour. I was just gonna mention this to him, when the lights dim, and we can see that were standing in a line waiting for something. I look back at Chris, who is definitely not feeling confident..I can tell..."MAN, what the heck is going on here!? Where are we going? Why are we here? What the HECK!?" he yells. I decided to peek around the line to see where it's going. It appears to be a ticket counter, crap, I don't have that ticket anymore. What am I gonna do, will I get in trouble? Is that creepy old lady nurse gonna touch me? What do they do with people who don't have their ticket? Oh crap...this sucks. As we wait and step forward with the line I keep getting this sick feeling in my gut, I know it's just nerves, but I wish it'd go away. What's gonna happen to me? Does Chris have his ticket? I look at him, and he's miles away in his head. CHRIS! "yeah man?" Do you have your ticket dude? "Yeah man, I have yours want it?" CRIPES!
Ok, so everything is cool now...sorta. I have my ticket, Chris has his...whatever. We get to the counter, and yet another old lady is in there. What gives? I hand over the ticket...she points to another door, I punch Chris in the arm because he won't reach out towards the old lady to give her the ticket, I grab the ticket from him and hand it over. We walk over to the door and go through.

Through the door we see what appears to be a roller coaster car. Okay. We walk over, and get in. The bar moves down over our laps, and we just sit there. Chris begins to bring up the time we were at the amusement park near our town, and how I always used to get SO nervous before getti...WHOOSH...he was cut off. We were flying, fast. This crazy car isn't even on a track, it's just getting sucked somehow through the air. After a short time we arrive at what seems to be a docking station. The roller coaster car settles and the bar raises. We get out and notice yet another door. Man, I'm starting to hate doors, I'm not fond of windows anymore either. So we obviously go through the next door and were in this huge area in what appears to be some kind of massive building. People are walking around in these one-piece green robes that look like something my grandmother would wear. We're approached by a man, which I was thankful for because if it was another old lady I was ready to punch Chris, and didn't want to make a scene. He beckoned us to come with him, so we shrugged and decided to follow. The guy points us in the direction of, yup, that's right...another DOOR. *sigh* Ok, so we go through the stupid door, and find that were in a beautiful room with a pool, lots of plantlife, and women walking around wearing..well, more attractive clothing than we were let's just say. I look at Chris and smile, Chris looks like he's gonna pass out from glee. We muster up our confidence and start to enter what would be known from now on as the "sexy room", but no...hands grab our shoulders and turn us around. It's an old lady. She shakes her head no, in an unnecessarily condescending way I might add. She points us back out the door, and guides us to different room. This room wasn't as good as the sexy room...I noticed this right away. Then I woke up.

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    amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
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    I've been killed in dreams several times. They say its impossible to die in a dream and that you always wake up at the last minute, but that's a load of bullshit. I've been killed by just about everything imaginable. I used to have a reocurring nightmare when I was a kid where I would always be running from Michael Meyers (Halloween Movies) and he would chase me through everything from a closed supermarket to the local high school. He'd always catch me and stab me to death. Yeah, it sucks......

    amateurhour on
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    jotatejotate Registered User regular
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    I was being chased by a purple Camaro. I was running from it but not fast enough. That's when I found a hover sheep. It was like a motorcycle...but it was a sheep...and it hovered. I hopped on it (it was comfortable because of all the wool) and took off, holding on to the ears as though they were handle bars. I remember looking down at the back of the sheep's neck and seeing a speedometer that said I was going 60 mph. Then the road ramped up and I went over the edge of...something, a cliff maybe.

    Then I woke up.

    A hover sheep.

    jotate on
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    GoodOmensGoodOmens Registered User regular
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    When I was young I used to have a recurring dream about a was man-shaped, more or less...that would come into my room. What I remember most was my very strong impression that it was made of noise, overwhelming noise, but in a physical form.

    I tend to suffer from night terrors/hypnogogic delusion type things. Not long after 9/11, I remember large black beams, like girders, coming out of the walls of my room and pinning me to the bed. I figure that was a reaction to the footage of the wreckage.

    Oh, and I want a fucking hover sheep.

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    devoirdevoir Registered User regular
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    Copy/paste from the thread about wierd shit you do.

    I used to have the most mental waking dreams when I was younger.

    There was this one where I'd be awake, as in interacting with reality not just my imagination, and be able to feel the gravitational pull of everything. So for example I'd feel the pull of the earth, but also the bed I was lying on, the pillow under my head and the teddybear under my arm. And it wasn't 'light' gravity, it was like I was on Jupiter. My mind would somehow manifest this physically, and I'd have skin-tearing pain if I tried to move.

    I later read about similar dreams had by people on LSD. It made me question my childhood somewhat.

    devoir on
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    MalkorMalkor Registered User regular
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    I've recently had a recurring dream set in a warehouse. For some reason I'm fighting a zombie outbreak. I never leave the warehouse, I always have a few people around to help or get in the way, but I never actually fight the zombies or resolve anything. Most recently I was a character from WH40K, but I've been a commando, a vampire, and I think just a regular scared joe.

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    XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
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    I dreamed I could turn things into toothpaste once.

    Like they would retain their shape, but be made of toothpaste.

    It was weird.

    Xaquin on
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    SilmarilSilmaril Mr Ha Ha Hapless. Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I had a recurring dream for a while that was utterly abstract. there were nothing but colours, floating flat shapes and the sound of a multitude of voices. The voices were the weirdest thing. the only way I could describe it is if you imagine being in a hall full of hundreds of people and you can hear everyone's thoughts.

    Scared the crap out of me.

    Silmaril on
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    OctoparrotOctoparrot Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I once dreamt I was being chased by a gigantic bee/wasplike creature, it was killing everyone around me and it wanted to make me its queen by infusing me with royal jelly.

    Another time I dreamt I was eating lunch with the some Krishna-ites, and I noticed that a lot of them had very rare steaks on their plates. I asked "he uh I thought you guys didn't eat meat", "oh, today's a special day and this is special meat". You guessed it, human flesh.

    Then one time in a dream my teacher was trying to give me words, something like "Novo Corpo Corposculum" (i completely made that up but the words were definitely latin). Which summoned a demonic beast, reminded me a little of Bahamut from Final Fantasy VII that ripped the soul out of my body ala Mortal Kombat or Riddick or Frighteners. I woke up in the middle of the night and tried for an hour to not say and forget those words. Although now I kind of want to remember them to check them out.

    Octoparrot on
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    TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
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    Paosted from my dream poasts in the creepy thread.
    Spoiler'd for being wordy.
    I have a huge amount of weird dreams. My friends have grown to dread conversations that start with "So I had this dream last night" because my dreams are in general, the weirdest of anyone they know. But I do occasionally have some that are disturbing.

    I had this one, a couple days before New Years this year, where I was driving in my Jeep with my sister in the passenger seat. We were driving to Dallas, where we grew up, but at some point while we were on one of the big swooping crossover ramps our location changed. We were driving on a state highway in a forested kind of area. I had the windows down, and after a while, I start coughing. I looked outside, and realized that the landscape was getting more and more desolate. The trees were getting more and more skeletal. Half looked killed by winter, the rest looked burned. The road got pretty bad, and the sky was an odd color, but I don't remember what. The air had this haze with darker streaks in it, that were some kind of sulphurous smoke. As we went on, the surface of things started to have these weird textures, like, kind of a streaky painted look like the backgrounds in Nightmare Before Christmas, or Starry Night.

    Eventually, we see the first sign of civilization up ahead. It is some kind of construction. As we get closer, we realize it is absolutely massive. I don't remember how big, but in height it would not have looked too small on the outskirts of a major city, and it was certainly bigger than several stadiums. It was probably several blocks on any side. As we get close, a crane nearby drops some gigantic metal thing that almost lands on the car. It was about the size of one of those rocket segments they have on display at the NASA building. Our way is blocked now, so we have to walk through the construction zone. They don't stop us from going in, but they pretty much don't notice we are there, they move around us but don't see us.

    As we get further and further into this thing, we realize that things aren't right. The collapsing crane was just a piece. Like, people are always dropping tools by our heads or having accidents. Things are breaking and the workers look really sick and cough up blood and stuff. I don't remember how it was revealed, but at some point in the dream I knew the country around there was actually sharing a border with Hell, and it was leaking over, and thats why everything sucked. All I remember from that point on is that things just kept getting generally worse, but nothing specific happened. Just generic dread.
    This one took place at my college, I believe I had this dream while I was a freshman.
    Me and my friends went out onto the deck/roof of our mod to look at the stars. We get out there, and lay down on our backs, and watch for a while. Eventually I notice that the sky looks funny, and I figure out, its because there are lines on it. Like, someone drew a grid on it. It wasn't very obvious, it was kind of like at an IMAX theatre how you can sometimes see the seams in the dome. Only in this dome, instead of the lines meeting in the middle, they almost do, but they keep going up as far as I can follow them. The more I look at these lines, the more I have to look at them, and my eyes just follow them up and keep going and I feel like I'm moving. I get this vertigo feeling, and I feel like I'm gonna throw up or fall off the roof, so I turn my head away.

    When I look back, the lines are still there faintly, but they look "normal" now. We watch a little more, and we notice that some of the stars are moving. We pass them off as passenger planes, or satellites, but then we notice that there are also shadows moving across the sky, blotting out some of the stars. Suddenly, on the horizon, some of the shadows and the moving lights drop some other little lights and we see a mushroom cloud, where whatever these things were nuked Wichita. Then they start moving back our direction, so we all run downstairs to the basement.

    The basement was this underground complex that doesn't exist at all at my college, and the rest of the dream was pretty much my unsuccessful quest to get end-of-the-world nookie. But the sky thing still freaks me out makes me feel disoriented whenever I remember it.

    I had another dream where I in a school bus going on a field trip some where with some friends from college. We drove through a really deep puddle and my feet got wet. I didn't want to catch a cold, so I need to get dry socks, but I all my spares were in my bags that were somewhere else. One of my friends lent me his socks, but they were really dirty and ratty so I didn't want to wear them. However, I knew that his family was really poor (in my dream) and they only had this one pair of socks, so since he was being really generous by offering them to me, I had to take them. Now whenever he or his sister is around and the subject of clothes comes up, the "fact" that his family only has one pair socks inevitably comes up.

    more later as I remember or have them.

    Tofystedeth on
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    emnmnmeemnmnme Registered User regular
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    While Shigeru Miyamoto was showing off a game at an imaginary E3, I got on the stage and shot him with a pistol. The audience gasped. Freakiest dream I've ever had.

    emnmnme on
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    TachTach Registered User regular
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    Had a dream a few years ago where my mom, brother and I went to a gator farm. Had fun watching and feeding the gators. Then, my brother thought it'd be funny to fall into the water and disappear.

    After a few minutes of panicking, we saw him come up out of the pond, laughing.

    Then, he got swallowed whole by a giant gator- Lake Placid style.

    I stood there in disbelief, slack-jawed.

    Then I woke up in a start. Which I haven't done in years.

    Tach on
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    HorusHorus Los AngelesRegistered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I had a weird dream where I was in Subway like environment, getting an interview with my boss's friend, who works in another department of my company. Basically she tried to get shit out of me or what I know about my coworkers and I gracefully turned the subject back to job interview. The part of the dream is the position is not what I am trained for and I would have to do design on a PC instead of a Mac. These vivid dreams only happen when I enter second around of REM sleep, from 745am to 9am. If I wake up at 745am I don't recall my dreams but if I am just sleepy and snooze more I have the most craziest dreams.

    Horus on
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    EmperorSethEmperorSeth Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Does anyone else, speaking of dreams, keep some kind of dream journal? I started one a couple of years ago when I got fed up with all the dreams I was forgetting, but sadly I haven't been very good at keeping it up lately. Sometimes, weeks go by before I get another dream I remember when I wake up or until I can write it down.

    I also have a habit of dreams that a) I don't even appear in; I either play another role or just watch the event, and that b) I end up using in some fashion. For example, about a year ago, I had a dream about a young goth girl who was trapped in this city in the forest. The people that lived there used elevated homes built around the trees and used elevated walkways, much like traditional elf cities. However, the people themselves were closer to the whole "backwoods redneck" stereotype. The girl, meanwhile, had antennae-like horns, so in additional to usual goth clothing, she always wore a top hat or other hats.

    The dream increasingly became more like a video game (actually, nearly all my memorable dreams become video games in some way,) and I learn that the goth girl lived in the remains of a crashed bus in the middle of a swamp, and I infer that the girl and her class were on a field trip and got stranded weeks ago as a result of the crash. The dream starts to cover the mysteries of the environment. For example, there was some sort of sorcerer involved with created chickens or turning people into chickens, and there was a ruined castle at the top of a plateau that had ties to other worlds. While exploring, the girl had to stay friends with the locals, and at one point had to dress up in a frilly dress and conical hat/veil thing to have tea with one of the more traditional natives.

    After adding some details, changing things, and tying it into another game idea as a spinoff, I ended up writing 75 pages about the game.

    EmperorSeth on
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    Shazkar ShadowstormShazkar Shadowstorm Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I posted this a few weeks ago:
    I remember the end of my dream. I shall share it.

    I was a prisoner/slave with some other people I knew, but I don't remember who. It was in the desert. We were digging for stuff. Sometimes there were rusty nails in the sand. I forget the details of this really.

    The part I do remember is one of the leader types of another team found some Egyptian tomb things.
    And then he was like, "I think I found a (insert the name of those beatles from the Mummy) beatle!"

    And everyone was like "OH SHIT!" and being panicky.

    And then some guy found like... a bag full of thousands of them.

    And we were all like, "uh oh." And there was chaos. So one of the other leader types, maybe a sciencey guy or something, came up with some theory of the beetles being attracted to the dead and eating the dead before the living or something, and went to the ocean nearby to test his theory, and so he had caught one of the beetles from the bag or something (they hadn't escaped from the bag yet, but they were sure to quite soon) and put it on a string and held it over the water near some plant eaters, and the beetle did not go for it, or something like that...

    Not quite sure.
    And for some reason that meant we would be safer in the ocean, so we (me and maybe 2 others) and some of the evil types who were our owners waded out into the ocean (and I had seen some friends in a nearby marsh and told them to come with us, but for some reason they didn't). Oh and then somehow the ocean seemed to have turned into a lake.

    And so the bugs started coming in the distance...

    Well, you know what the plan was?
    We fended them off with Pokemon. Seriously. We both had a total of 6 between all of us, 2 waters, 2 fires, 2 grass..

    The 3 I remember controlling were a squirtle, charmeleon, and treeco. The charmeleon was not very happy to be in the middle of the lake. So the bugs came, and I remember starting off by flamethrowering them repeatedly. Then did some water stuff to them, and whatnot.. and etc etc and fended them off.

    Then somehow a ball of water (it was a fireball at first, but you know how things can change quickly in dreams) came out of the water (don't ask me how) and hit my squirtle in the face. Yeah, for some reason there was an evil squirtle under water right in front of us.
    And I was just furiously issuing moves and commands to the pokemon to attack it. I think I may have been issuing them via a menu by the end rather than by mouth.

    Shazkar Shadowstorm on
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    Nexus ZeroNexus Zero Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    The most weird dream I've had recently was one where I surfed reality and dream until I ended up achieving lucidity in the dream.

    My room was really hot and stuffy, and it kept waking me up. Each time I woke from my almost sleep, I went back into the dream quicker than the last. In effect, I was bringing my waking life closer to the dream world. My dream was set in some kind of Mediterranean town with a six-story mansion outside a bar, though it definitely fitted in to my larger dream 'world' (my dreams tend to take place in an internally-consistent geographic world) and I knew I was somewhere strange and new. I didn't, however, realise that I was dreaming until the sixth(ish) time I dipped in. As soon as I realised I got really excited, and usually that'll end the dream for me. This time, I calmed myself down and everything sharpened visually.

    If anyone has suffered sleep paralysis, they know this exact sensation. It's like sobering up and making sense of everything, a mental birth.

    Nothing has ever felt more real to me than that dream. Imagine perceiving this world without having to rely on your eyes. Ultra-detail, amazing colours. But I had to check. I walked to the benches outside the bar where an elderly woman was having a drink. Without a second thought, I raised my hand, and let it come swinging down through her face. I felt a sensation in my hand and saw it react to her face. But she didn't react. She barely even flinched. They talk about the uncanny valley - indeed, I thought that watching a game that visually matched or exceeded reality glitch and stutter with PlayStation-era clipping and animation would be a disturbing sight. I was proven right, it was actually quite upsetting to see something like that even though I knew I was in a dream.

    A disappointment slowly descended as I realised I had absolutely no control over anything that wasn't me. Soon after, a paranoia as I realised that this pseudo-reality had nothing pseudo about it. I had been invited to another dimension whose existence relied on my slumber. They were real, but they had to be in my mind - surely they could hear these thoughts? If they knew I was planning on waking up, they'd turn against me and keep me here. I examined the guy at the bar, who was giving me a knowing smile but not one that knew I was attempting to end his existence.

    I can usually wake on command during nightmares. Try waking up now. That's how hard it was to get out. So I walked. They followed. More followed and soon there was a sinister parade down the beautiful white streets. The greatest freedom of my life had locked up - the mind is the one place from which you have no escape, and now I was completely awake inside it. So I started to hum. I started to hum Andy C's Body Rock, of all things, and the guy next to me joined in. And the guy next to him, and him, and him, and the old woman I'd not long slapped around the face. We were all humming this fantastic symphony of Drum n Bass, a paradox but a beautiful one that could only manifest in a dream.

    My vision started to darken around the edges and I had trouble comprehending things. Sound and vision reduced to a pin point and then there was black, and I was alone in my room with only the yellow light of my Wii for company. I wanted to go back and I couldn't, and I needed to pee.

    Then I went back to sleep, with the telly on and silent so I wasn't alone in the dark, and had a dream about trains that jumped tracks.

    Nexus Zero on
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    DichotomyDichotomy Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Once I had a dream where I went to the grocery store.

    And as I was coming out into the parking lot, this swirling vortex opened and a wizard popped out.

    A wizard and his army of robots.

    I don't remember much apart from that, but I remember chaos, devastation, and a sword sharp enough to cut through magic.

    Dichotomy on
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    TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I recently had a dream where I was kind of a Peter Pan guy, leading an army of kids against Hook's pirates. Only instead of a sword, I had a telescoping car antenna. So while everyone else was going around stabbing, all I could was pretty much just swat people and make them sting. I got into a duel with Hook, and since he was honorable, he fought with an antenna too, only his was like 8 feet long, so I still lost.

    Tofystedeth on
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    ShamusShamus Registered User regular
    edited September 2007

    Last night, I dreamed me, a few friends, and a couple of strangers were all involved in some sort of heist. I'm not sure the exact details, and I got a sort of feel that it was less theft and more we were inciting rebellion or something. It all took place in a surreal version of my hometown, that shifted constantly with some areas appearing I've never seen before (like some sort of opera house).

    I was also two-timing two chicks involved in the group.

    I'm a bastard in my dreams, apparently.

    Shamus on
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    LadyMLadyM Registered User regular
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    Okay, this is a dream I had a long time ago, when I was about eleven or twelve probably. I wasn't actually in this dream. It was like a movie and I was just the "camera" observing it.

    The dream started out with a nice, domestic scene. There was a woman and her baby (about one or two years old, the age when they're just beginning to toddle), a nurse who took care of the baby (or perhaps you'd call her a governess, but I thought of her as a nurse), and the nurse's boyfriend or husband.

    The nurse took the baby to the park on a bright day. No one else was on the playground. The nurse sat down on a bench and began knitting. There was a seesaw, a long wooden seesaw, and one set of swings hanging there. The baby toddled over and began teeter-tottering by itself. (Being a dream, it was possible.) The seesaw went up and down slowly and regularly and the baby seemed to be enjoying it. The nurse watched as she knitted and eventually her husband/boyfriend showed up and sat beside her, chatting about nothing in particular.

    Eventually the nurse walked over to the teeter-totter. The baby looked up, smiling. The nurse took hold of its hair and cut its head off. I can't remember exactly what she used . . . A long knife, maybe. I do remember the shock of it. There was no blood, though. The nurse and her boyfriend hid it in some blankets and smuggled it back into the home of the mother. They were going to pretend it was an accident. They arranged the body in a queen sized bed, pulling the covers up to its neck, and then balanced the head by the top of the neck, held up by a pillow. My mind's eye swooped in for a close up of the macabre scene. And then the eyes blinked.

    I woke up terrified, certain that if I drew back the curtain I would see the baby's head hanging there, staring in at me.

    As I type this out, I find myself thinking, for some reason, that the man in the dream with the husband of the woman with the baby and was cheating on her with the nurse. But I don't know if that was part of the original dream, or a detail I added later to make it make sense.

    LadyM on
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    TheMorningStarTheMorningStar Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I had a dream a few weeks ago that me and a friend broke into some ladies house to still her very large supply of popcorn chicken.

    I also had another dream where I stole a Neo Geo Pocket that could play GameBoy games from a nursing home.

    TheMorningStar on
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    Fuzzy Cumulonimbus CloudFuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I haven't had memorable dreams in a while, hopefully a sign of " everything is okay " and less stress. When I'm stressed my dreams go nuts.


    It was incredibly dark out, with pine trees surrounding a one-way gravel road. I was riding a bicycle with square wheels that was incredibly hard to pedal and navigate. I square-biked myself down the road to this small cabin/shanty/house. I knocked on the door and out came a
    half monkey half man with insect wings and alien eyes
    who was also carrying a smaller version of himself inside a metal-wired cage.
    My job was to clean all the screaming monkey cages full of insectoid-chimpanzees. D:

    I also dream on multiple levels which is really annoying and complicated. I can also dream out answers to real life problems and wake up with a solution. Weird, I guess. O_o

    Fuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud on
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    Captain UglyheadCaptain Uglyhead Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    A dream-within-a-dream sort of thing

    where you dream that you wake up and pull off your blankets

    but under your blankets you're just covered in little tiny fat people

    Captain Uglyhead on
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    SamiSami Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I had a dream that I met ElJeffe's wife...

    I don't even know if he has a wife.

    Sami on
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    YodaTunaYodaTuna Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I had a dream once in which Baloo from fucking Talespin was trying to kill me with a knife that could cut through anything.


    YodaTuna on
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    TaximesTaximes Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I just want to contribute another cool piece of nightmare art:


    I do have weird dreams all the time, though. And they always break stupid dream myths - they're in color, I've died in them, etc.

    Interesting fact: someone in the REM stage of sleep will almost ALWAYS report having a crazy (i.e. story-like) dream if woken during that stage, regardless of whether or not they usually remember them in the morning. My girlfriend and I have a standing agreement that it's okay to occasionally wake each other if we see REM happening, just because it's awesome to hear about the crazy dreams. :P

    Taximes on
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    TachTach Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Had a goddamn zombie dream last night.

    I freaking hate zombies. Dreams about them make me not want to sleep ever again...

    Tach on
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    ScottyScotty Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I'm glad I went ahead and started this guys haven't disappointed me.:^:

    Taximes- Great piece of that stuff.

    If anyone finds some great dream/nightmare art...please feel free to post it up.

    Scotty on
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    DarkDragoonDarkDragoon Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I used to have a strange recurring dream as a kid
    I'd find myself dropped in the middle of this forest that was draped in fog. As I wandered through it, I came across various people shuffling around, starring down at the ground. Upon looking at their faces, some seemed to be people that I knew, whereas others were people I felt like I should or would know. Nobody would say a thing, so I continued wandering around. After a large time of meandering around the forest, I came across a hole in the ground that seemed to have no bottom. I approached the hole to examine it further, only to found myself thrown in by a shadowy figure. As I plummeted to through the endless abyss, I felt not as if I was soon to die, but rather that my entire being was slowly being erased. Before I was completely gone, I found myself awaking, always in a state of fear.

    The last time I had this dream, everything went on as usual. I walked through the forest, seeing those same people, aimlessly moving throughout that dreaded place. However, once I reached that horrid hole, I found that somebody had arrived there ahead of me. In what seemed should have been my place, a girl I did not recognize was standing next to the hole, looking into the abyss. As I approached, the shadowy figure that had thrown me in so many times before appeared and threw her in. I rushed to try to save the girl, but could not get there in time.

    I cried because I knew that the girl would now have to feel what I had to feel every time I was thrown down that pit, but I soon realized that all was not in vain, for her taking my place now allowed me to finally know my tormentor. I ran over to the figure and threw off his hood and gasped. For the face of the figure that had thrown me into the abyss so many times before was my own...

    DarkDragoon on
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    H@\/0CH@\/0C Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Excellent topic and some pretty wicked dreams too. ;-)

    Well here is one of my more memorable dreams.

    I was an elite assassin in a guild of sorts of assassins. I was the 2nd best assassin in the guild. I'm not sure how ranks were given out but I knew I was the 2nd best who was given regular assignments. My dream began at the end of a meeting between my boss, the top ranked assassin(who looked almsot exactly like Kristen Holt), the 3rd ranked assassin(who was also female) and myself. Apparently this was a extremely difficult mission which required the cream of the crop. Our target was man of unknown name but we had been told we would know who he was when we saw him. I do not remember what this man had done to deserve being killed or why 3 of us were needed to put down this man. I do remember we had to infiltrate this club, bearing a strong resemblance to the club in the 3rd matrix movie. We had to look like we belonged there and dressed up in similar garb that was worn by the people in the club.

    While we were preparing our entrance and exit plans, I got in a fight with my partners over which one I wanted to be with.(Apparently I was getting it on with both of them)I finally succeeded in stalling the argument until after the hit had been done. We gathered our supplies and made our way to the club. It was about 2 AM at this point and we finally arrive. We only know our man is the owner of the club and he has his own VIP room. We soon realize upon entering why three of us had been assigned to this task. There were an uncountable amount of security personnel. After about an hour or scoping the place out we finally get a glimpse of our target and being to make our move. For some reason we are granted access to our mark's private room. I seem to be the only one suspicious of this.

    We are then greeted by this man who says he knows who we are and what we are here to do. I then feel a gun at the side of my head and it is none other my partner(the Kristen Holt look-a-like). I am completely speechless, as my longtime partner has exposed herself as a double agent. After what seems like 10 minutes the trigger is pulled and I fall to the ground, she says "Goodbye ......" (and I assume my name was said after the goodbye but I had gone unconscious.

    Then I wake up, sweating not only in fear but with a good amount of excitement. I kinda wish I knew my name in the dream but it was still a very cool dream nonetheless.

    H@\/0C on
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    ege02ege02 __BANNED USERS regular
    edited September 2007
    Are we allowed to post wet dreams in here?!

    ege02 on
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    MetalChickenMetalChicken Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Had one last night. I don't remember a lot, all I know it creeped me out enough to keep me awake the rest of the night.

    I was in a group of people, all of which seemed unfamiliar to me, and we seemed to be running from something. My dream started somewhere in the woods, but we quickly worked our way up to a destroyed village positioned on a hill. From there I got a look at what was hunting us. Cloaked men on horses, a bit like Nâzgul except not, speeded through an open spot in the forest.
    Through the debris we got to a abandoned medical facility or something. There I noticed weird cactus-shaped lumps were groing on my legs. After a while of 'what the fuck?' and scratching I went to the doctor we had in our group apperantly. He put some salve he got from the medical facility on the lumps and these started to burst open and weird goo came out like a pan of tomato soup boiling over.

    I don't remember much afterwards but I do remember the cloaked riders managed to capture us and I woke up afterwards. First thing I did when I was awake was checking my legs.

    MetalChicken on
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    ZombiemamboZombiemambo Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Tach wrote: »
    Had a goddamn zombie dream last night.

    I freaking hate zombies. Dreams about them make me not want to sleep ever again...

    I've had one (kind of two) very vivid dreams about zombies. Here it (they) are...

    I recall watching the news, and seeing this crazy lady talk about the apocalypse, and how the world was supposed to end the very next day. She's just a kook, I figure the news put her on just to entertain (it's all about ratings, after all). I go to sleep, and I wake up about 5:00 or 6:00am, the sun is rising and the sky is a nice dark blue. I look out the window and I see a row of flaming cars...I approach the window, then look down to see a stark-white corpse staring at me, mouth wide open. He jumps up to the window and the dream ends.

    Kind of.

    Next thing I know, I'm traveling with a group of people, and we've decided to sleep in a train station, on the tracks (God knows why we decided on either of these things). All I remember is having a very hard time sleeping, I could hear the moans of the undead and I entertained the thought of them just wandering by us.

    The whole dream was so vivid, so real. I can remember exactly how I imagined it, how everything looked and the thoughts that went through my head.

    MetalChicken: Ugh, you reminded me of a dream I had just a few nights ago. It was my birthday, and I was being a total asshole, and I went downstairs into my bedroom and found what can only be described as a crater on my leg, with white balls inside of it. I started to mess with it a little bit, and all of the sudden a ball of pink organ-like material rose from the bump, and floated into the air. Then it turned into a bunch of metallic alien insects, and I threw them in the trashcan. Then I looked at my leg, and it had turned into the bugs as well. What was weird is that it had retained its shape, and I could move it and it acted just like my normal leg, but it changed into these weird alien things. I yelled for someone to come look at it (I told them they would want to, but looking back on it...), and I woke up right after. Immediately I started rubbing my legs, looking for any bumps or anything. couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day.

    Zombiemambo on
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    brandotheninjamasterbrandotheninjamaster Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I remember this one nightmare in particular.
    There was this little girl playing with an airplane in a pool (she was about 4 or 5). We were in a hotel so it was a public pool and there were lots of people around. Well the little girl was being annoying and poking people in the back with the airplane.

    Shortly after I saw a person dragging the little girl from the water. I was the only one who knew CPR, so after I yelled to call 911 , I began to listen for a pulse. As soon as I put my head to her chest I heard a rumbling noise. Then something told me to look up and there was a black figure dressed in flowing black robes. (Its hard to describe the noise it was making, think like a dog growling and it made this noise constantly throughout the dream). I was mesmerized in fear at that point. The figure touched the girls head. I caught hold of my senses and tried to tackle the black figure to help the little girl.

    When I touched the black figure nothing happened, at first. I stood up and saw another figure step out beside me, so now there are two. The dark figure that stepped out beside me then touched my forehead and I was warped (for lack of a better term) to a beat up rust colored apartment, the figure still stood behind me. I looked around for anyone else. I then saw the grandmother and the girl. Each of which had black figures of their own around them. I sat there for what felt like an eternity and eventually got fed up. I walked over to my figure to try and touch it and see what would happen. The thing went berserk and tackled me to the ground. When it had me pinned I managed to remove its hood to reveal a yellow skull. Then a choking amber colored smoke began to pour out of his mouth. As I lay there coughing my lungs out. It picked me up one handed and smashed my face into the floor. Then it picked up my head and put it through the floor (literally).

    I expected my head to hit the floor again but it didn't it went through the floor. I opened my eyes and saw lava and heat and heard screams/wails of terror and pain. It was then I realized what was going on, the black figure was showing me hell. In dreams its not always what you are seeing its the feelings associated with what you are seeing. I felt sheer terror. As it was trying to shove the rest of me into hell I woke up. Still just as terrified as I was in that dream. I woke up at 3:00 on the dot and stayed up the rest of the night...that nightmare really sucked.

    brandotheninjamaster on
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    TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I frequently have ninja/assassin/post-apocalyptic adventurer dreams. I once had a dream where I was a top ranked member of an elite mercenary team. Only we had like, yearly auditions or whatever for the new recruits. They decided to not hire me on for the next year even though I was one of their best members, because they wanted to give the new guys a chance. Also the testing/training took place at my grandparents house, so I thought it was extra rude of them.

    I had one of the most tiring dreams ever a couple years ago. We were one choir tour on one of the coasts, and we would do a lot more traveling to big cities than normal. Every night, I remember us going to where our concert was going to be, and warming up/rehearsing, then waking up in a hotel room, completely exhausted. I thought it was just me, but after a few days, I complained about being tired, and not remembering any of our concerts to some friends, and they all said it was the same way for them. I forget how we found out, but it turned out they were gassing us at the rehearsals, then brainwashing us and sending us out to be spies or something. The only other thing I remember was that at one point we had to escape down the laundry chute at a hotel. I woke up from that dream so tired.

    I had a dream this morning, I don't remember the first part, which was pretty wierd, but the second part creeps me out. We were on the Titanic, but like, everyone had seen the movie so we knew it was going to sink, and all the lifeboats had been taken a few days before. The ship was fine, we just knew it would sink eventually. One morning my girlfriend and I get up, and see a bunch of people at the front of the boat. We thought they were doing some kind of morning worship thing, but it turned out they were just filing up to the front of the boat to jump off and kill themselves, since the boat was stranded or something. So my girlfriend and I jump into this freezing water and starting helping people drown. The only one I remember was this old lady with a walker who jumped in and because she was so buoyant my girlfriend and I had to swim down underwater and push her down. We surfaced and she started floating up again, so we held her under water. And the thing was, our plan was not to kill ourselves later, but just to let/help all these people drown and escape later since we knew a way. It really bothered me. Possibly based on the fact we had just watched Scotland, Pa before going to bed, so I had some kind of MacBeth thing goin on.

    Tofystedeth on
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    The Valentine ZombieThe Valentine Zombie Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I keep a voice recorder under my pillow; if I open my eyes upon waking, I forget the dream, so writing it down is out of the question. So I just reach for the recorder; jesus, the shit I come up with...I've used a lot of it in my writing:lol:.

    Also, I've had two recurring nightmares in the past...and in both, I died every time.

    The first would appear in any dream whatsoever, as somone would casually walk up to me and shoot me point-blank in the forehead. The second involved the same scenario, any dream could be invaded, only with a nuclear bomb dropping in the distance. Either way, I would die.

    Once I had died, all I could "think" (for want of a better word) was dark grey. No inner monologue saying, "Hey, this is dark grey, I'll try thinking about something else", no passage of time, no awareness of life or death, no sound, no pain, nothing; not even the awareness that I was thinking about dark grey. The next thing I'd know, I'd waken quite violently, with a loud and deep inhale. My ex-girlfriend witnessed this once, and nearly shat herself...I eventually realised that I had stopped breathing in my sleep.

    I still get these dreams every now and again, but they aren't as potent now...I seem to be able to "rewind" the dream to give me a chance to escape. In fact, the last time the "bomb dropped", I can remember actually saying, "Aw Christ, no' again..."

    The Valentine Zombie on
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    Fuzzy Cumulonimbus CloudFuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I just had a dream where I was with Harry Potter and Ron and we had to fight off a horde of evil gigantic aliens. For some reason, no one had magic. It was in like an RPG format. At one point, a box popped over my head that said, "You have found a dull owl ruby". It turns out it was the Philosopher's Stone, only turned into a giant megabeam of death. The aliens were Zerg-like, also.

    I haven't read a Harry Potter book or watched any of the movies in months. Weird...

    Fuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud on
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    Thirty-3Thirty-3 [E] robcd Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Taximes wrote:
    Interesting fact: someone in the REM stage of sleep will almost ALWAYS report having a crazy (i.e. story-like) dream if woken during that stage...

    My cat woke me up the other night, leading me to remember this:

    In the dream a guitarist from my band was on the run from Ninja who sought to steal the recipe for Perfect Coco-Pops from him. He was always one step ahead of them, however, until they finally caught up with him on the moon. Traps had been set, causing the moon to explode which would have sealed our hero's fate if Daryl Somers hadn't been able to pause time at the moment of the explosion and extract him.

    At that point my cat woke me up... Sigh.

    I've had a recurring dream since my age was single digits. In it I am chased by an unseen monster or threat. I would try to shoot the threat with a gun however I would be unable to squeeze the trigger. When I realise the gun isn't working I wake myself up. I have this dream once or twice a year, sometimes waking terrified and others realising its a dream yet still not being able to pull the trigger. *shrug*

    Thirty-3 on
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    TachTach Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Had a light-sleeping dream in between snooze-hits this morning.

    It was a Bill K-esque cartoon with male and female robots having sex.

    W. E. I. R. D.

    Tach on
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    SalmonOfDoubtSalmonOfDoubt Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    The second involved the same scenario, any dream could be invaded, only with a nuclear bomb dropping in the distance.

    Stop watching Dr. Strangelove.

    SalmonOfDoubt on
    PiptheFair wrote: »
    killing children would be hilarious
    Olivaw wrote: »


    Man, I don't want to read about this lady's broken vagina.
    NotACrook wrote: »
    I am sitting here trying to come up with a tiered system for rating child molesters.
    cock vore is fuckin hilarious
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    thundercakethundercake Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Once I had a sex dream with Bowser from Mario. I was in his dungeon and the floor was filling up with lava, and he had a bunch of those bomb things on chains that were watching and making noises like chickens. I have never woken up more disturbed in my life.

    I have a lot of dreams involving being swallowed alive, and once I dreamed that my father had deer legs.

    I've also had a couple dreams about lizard-men who are walking around the house I grew up in, plumbing. They have hypnotic eyes and can see your immediate future, and one of them always points at me and licks his lips while I stand there transfixed. Once I saw them out in my old garage, building a jail out of Lego pieces, and they had my kid sister inside.

    The last weird one I remember, I was being chased by a vampire through a palace of cheese. Like, the entire building was carved from a single block of cheddar cheese.

    thundercake on
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