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I needs me a new computer...

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Ok, so first off, my laptop died. I don't know what's wrong with it, and I don't know shit about hardware. So if anyone can help me with fixing it, that'd be appreciated. Otherwise I need a new computer. I do have a friend who can help me build it from the ground up, if need be. He doesn't do anything except digital painting, so I don't really know how to take his comments for what I need in a comp.

The problem with my laptop is, it doesn't turn on. The little power button light turns on, but I can't hear anything gearing up in the background. Not even the fans. The disk drive will spin if I open and close it. The BIOS doesn't even come up. The screen is completely blank. I tried connecting it to a monitor, but it didn't do anything. I'm reluctant to take it to Best Buy or anything like that because they're just gonna charge an arm and a leg to tell me it's broke. If it helps, it's an Alienware laptop my parents got me for a gift when I went to Iraq. Uh, if nobody knows what could be wrong with it, I'll just have to buy another computer.

Ok, so for the new one I was hoping you guys could give me advice for what specs I'd actually need to be able to run some decent games over the next couple years. I'm mostly looking at MMOs or RPGs. Other than that, I'm not going to use it for much other than holding music and my writing.

My current plan for buying it was getting a cheap-o Dell, and then just buying upgrades somewhere else. So, anyone have any thoughts?

Edit: Found out there's an Advice Forum, silly me.

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