Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Demo, Out Now!



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    darleysamdarleysam On my way to UKRegistered User regular
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    A_ccualt wrote: »
    Hopefully TH10 will do the smart thing and, instead of trying to compete with skate by becoming more realistic, will just become even more over the top and stylized.
    Trying to go hardcore realistic will turn off some of the series fans and create further comparisons to skate. There really isn't anything to gain by doing that. Some of my favorite levels from previous Tony Hawk's were the absurd ones, like Area 51 or Tokyo. They should also, like others have mentioned, stop putting out a new title every year.

    i would love to see some of the old levels come back, like the school from THPS2, the downhill level from 1, Area 51 was good.. the shopping mall, too. Possibly as much for nostalgia as anything else, but i'd love to play some again in an updated way.

    darleysam on
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    HalfmexHalfmex I mock your value system You also appear foolish in the eyes of othersRegistered User regular
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    The Warehouse. Loved that level, and I really think it epitomizes a lot of what originally drew in a lot of fans for the THPS franchise (and what, today, people are being drawn to in Skate): just setting up the best line you can.

    Halfmex on
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    HaximHaxim Registered User regular
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    Being a long time THPS fan, I didn't find the demo TOO horrible. I agree tho, it can't seem to make up it's mind if it wants to be a serious, realistic skating sim, or an arcadish twitch skater. I'm still on the fence between this and skate, but it'd probably be skate for sure if I could just get the hang of manualing better...

    Haxim on
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    OmeksOmeks Registered User regular
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    Kworn wrote: »
    043 wrote: »
    Hell, I liked Project 8 more than that.

    I am ashamed of this thread, now.

    Yeh Project 8 is 100% better. I like where they went with it.

    Was this new one designed by a different team or something?

    It was either handed off to a vastly inferior team while the main team went on to develop Guitar Hero III, or the Guitar Hero III team went ahead and threw it together in the middle of composing the "One" notechart. Either way, Guitar Hero has effectively killed Tony Hawk, because Neversoft has a new star to run into the ground over the next few years, and they're running with it.

    Why else would they be packing the Guitar Hero III demo in with this game? To promote their guitar-ripping baby while getting a couple suckers to buy a lazily produced Tony Hawk game.

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    BlakoutBlakout Lordran's SpookylandRegistered User regular
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    Even after reading this thread, I was expecting a slightly updated Project 8. Nope, just played the demo and it's terrible. What the hell happened? It's like Neversoft knew they couldn't top skate so they hired a team of somewhat-trained monkeys to fling their own shit at a screen for a few weeks.

    Did anyone else notice how terrible the ragdoll physics were? One time I bailed and the guy's feet were literally touching his head. And Nail the Grab feels really gimmicky and makes time go entirely too slow. The most entertaining thing about the demo was making the guy pound on the side of his board like a gorilla with damaged motor skills.

    Blakout on
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    brynstarbrynstar Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I just checked out the demo and yeah...this is definitely a little stale after having played the skate. demo. It's more of the same Tony Hawk stuff, and I agree with those who said it felt less tight than Project 8 as far as controls go.

    The Rig-a-Kit thing is kind of cool, but the way it's designed it seems like they limit too much where you can place new pieces. I've been playing Tony Hawk for a long time, and I was really hoping this would be better than Project 8 because that game was actually pretty good. Oh well. Looks like I'm buying skate. this year.

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