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Video Cameras / Digital SLRs and playing Wii on a monitor

RamiRami Registered User regular
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Okay this is 3 separate questions, so I've separated them into spoilers for ease of replying, as I doubt everyone is knowledgeable about all 3 topics.

I'd appreciate any help I can get for these, looking around a few electronics websites still leaves me fairly confused because I don't know a whole lot about the technical side of things.

Digital SLRs
I did an A level in photography a few years ago, so I'm already familiar with operating an SLR camera. However, I know very little about the industry, I don't know which are good makes and models. I'm looking to move up to digital photography, but I wish to retain manual operation, as well as automatic.

I'd probably spend up to £500/$1000. Features I'd like are manual settings, setting exposure time/lens focus etc. Easy uploading to my PC and a docking station for recharging would be nice too. I don't really require any photo editing software.

Digital Video Cameras
Digital video cameras, again, I don't really know anything about. Our family hasn't had a video camera for about 6 years, so we're all pretty out of the loop. I'm not really looking for anything special, just something that has good picture/audio quality and where the stuff recorded can be easily uploaded to a PC.

I have no idea what sort of price range they fall into these days so I'll just say again that we're not looking for anything special, just functional. Like the type the average family might have to record birthdays or whatever.

Connecting consoles/TV to monitor
Finally, recording stuff on my PC. I'm familiar with programs like Fraps for recording stuff in game, but I'm interested in hooking up consoles/TV to my pc to use on my monitor, and record them as well.

What sort of connections/cables would I need to hook up a TV/Wii to my PC? What do I need to look for on my graphics card to see if it's possible, and if not, what particular feature/socket do I need to check for when shopping around for a new card?

The current card in this machine is a GeForce 7800 GTX.

My thanks to anyone who can help in one or more of these matters.

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