Tycho's conversation with his niece.

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Most likely the wrong forum, yes, but Tycho might want to edit the screen cap and blur out the email address. There's a lot of weirdoes out there, not least the ones here....

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    A few things.

    -Gabe and Tycho do not post on these boards very often. If you want to contact them about this, email them. The emails can be located in the "About this Forum" thread.

    -If you would like to discuss this anyway with other forumers, look at the new comic thread in Social Entropy.

    -That is a valid point, but I'm thinking the screen cap was a joke. You could email Tycho anyway if you want.

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    Sigs are fun.
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    You don't honestly think his neice talks like that, do you? How old is she supposed to be, anyway?

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