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iPod Nano: A Tale of Two Batteries

QuarterMasterQuarterMaster Registered User regular
edited September 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I recently purchased a used Nano (1st generation) off of a forum I visit regularly only to discover that the battery didn't seem to be holding a charge. It charged fine, and everything else worked as it should, but it would only last a day or so with little to no use, and then go dead over night. So I got a new battery and installed it myself. So far, so good. It seems to charge fine, powers up, everything works. However, the same thing happens - it only lasts a couple of hours. The weird thing is, the battery meter still shows 1/2-3/4 charge when it dies. I went into diagnostic mode to check the voltage, and it seems fine. Maybe a little higher than it's rated for, but that's probably because it's a slightly larger battery.

Anyhoo, I'd really appreciated any help or advice you can give me! 8-)

QuarterMaster on


  • QuarterMasterQuarterMaster Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Anyone? Pwetty pwease?

    QuarterMaster on
  • ApogeeApogee Lancks In Every Game Ever Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Likely the logic board is fried, or you used a bad battery. The logic board is essentially the whole thing, though... might be worth getting another nano battery and trying it out, since if the board is toast, your nano is dead.

    Apogee on
  • GoetterdaemmerungGoetterdaemmerung Registered User
    edited September 2007
    This is a question you want to take to a specialized forum. Unfortunately I don't know where the de-facto ipod modification forum is; so perhaps that's your real question ;)

    Goetterdaemmerung on
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