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Problem with "Quote" button

DamienThornDamienThorn Registered User regular

Just wanted to let you know that all day, 95% of the time when I hit the "quote" button I'm being brought back to the forum index. Don't know if it's a random occurance, but I have tried on different known working machines, cleared the cache on each of them prior to using the quote function, and attempted using IE, Firefox, and Opera on each of the different computers. Each browser was giving the same issue, on each of the computers that I used.

DamienThorn on


  • Mister LongbaughMister Longbaugh Registered User regular
    edited July 2005
    This happened to me once. I logged out then logged back in.

    Mister Longbaugh on
  • kerwinkerwin Registered User regular
    edited July 2005
    Also, make sure you are logged in to begin with. I forget that when I am on other people's computers.

    kerwin on
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