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Games/consoles/accessories you wish existed but probably never will!

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Exas would be a next generation console supported by all of the video game companies, so there would only be one video game console (aside from the PC obviously). A handheld that could connect to the console and be used as a controller and external hard-drive would come later.

Supporting companies:


(Plus all of the video game companies such as Capcom, EA etc. and some other companies like Mozilla etc.)

Name: Exas
Price: 300 pounds sterling


The design would be sleek, innovative and very beautiful. Most of the ports would be concealed and it would be a bit heavy. The power unit would be internal and the console would keep quite cool. It would
be whisper quiet. As it is by Apple, the design would be mind blowing and it would be super hip.

All the periphals will be designed by Apple in collaboration with Sony, Microsoft etc. and will look amazing.


4x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, IR port, Ethernet, Wi-fi and 1 HDMI port.


(The box would be designed by Apple and would be sleek, beautiful and unique)

Wireless controller
USB Controller charge cable
Wireless headset
200GB Hard-drive
1 blank blu-ray disc (for saving games...etc.)
Composite cables
Component cables
Ethernet cable
Demo of upcoming games



UI: The UI would be designed by Apple and would be beautiful. The screen would display lots of very detailed small apps on the bottom row. Users would be apple to create their own apps.

Games: Games on the Exas will have mind-blowing visuals, achievements, interactive commentary, online features and downloadable content. Games would also support Exas Garden.

Music: Exas would have amazing music features. A wide range of music formats will be supported, and Exas would have iTunes. There would be album art, cover flow and many, many more features. Music would be able to be played during games and other activities.

Movies and video: Movies and video would be awesome on Exas and users would be also able to create their own movies, using Director. The console's standard formats are DVD and Blu-ray. There is also upscaling of DVDs.

Online services: The online services would be vast and amazing as Users could connect to Exas Plus and pick from a wide range of activities. Users could download new trailers, videos, demos etc. and do many other great things. The online service would be free and the content would be fairly priced.


The controller would wireless, amazing and feature VMUs like the SEGA dreamcast. The visuals would be similar to a Super Nintendo Entertainment video game.





Browse the internet with a choice of three internet browsers. Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. When you are starting up your Exas will get to choose which one you want, and it will be downloaded straight away if you have an internet connection. You can choose to have more than one browser if you want.



All the same features as the iTunes for PC + Mac and allows connectivity from your iPod or iPhone.


Set little sticky notes across the menu to remind you of upcoming events. Notes could be activited at a certain time or event in a game.


Paint fun pictures and upload them to the Exas Gallery!


Browse photos, change them, edit them and much more.


Pretty much the same as the Wii version except far more body part options and the ability to choose and create your own clothes (hats etc.) and your own accessories (lunchboxes, umbrellas etc.)


Here is where your Miis roam. The Garden is in real time, has weather effects and seasons. Doing certain things in games will unlock toys/items in the garden (for example, completing Tony Hawk's Sellout would unlock a small skate park). Think of it like Viva Pinata.


Upload videos from your hard-drive, mobile phone etc. and edit them and basically do what you want with them! Add a soundtrack etc. and upload them to the Exas gallery!


Create your own tracks and sample audio from any game you own's MP3 or midi files. These tracks can be used to be played during games. Games that have sampled audio can not be copied.


Make your own app for the Exas such as an interactive plant or another browser and upload it to the Exas gallery. Using Pro, users would also be able to create their own games (lots of coding knowledge required though) and upload them to the Exas gallery. Games that break copyright etc. will be taken off the gallery.



Exas Plus

Exas Plus is basically like Xbox Live. Exas Plus is free, and users can download new movies, game demos etc.

Exas Gallery

People can upload their own games, songs, apps, videos etc. and can be downloaded by other people and be rated on. Think of it as XNA and Youtube rolled in to one.




Exas stores enough power for when the power is cut, console is turned off by an accident etc. for the user to keep on continuing play for 5 minutes (more if brightness is down) to save the game, finish off etc.


Adjust the screen brightness to save power.


Take screenshots or videos of any game. These can be viewed in Director.



Wireless controller with VMU and charge cable
Wireless steering wheel
Wireless light gun
Wireless headset
HDMI cable, Component cables etc.
Blank Blu-ray disc
Game disc bag
External hard-drive

...and many more!


List of games (not complete)

(there would be two types of games. Normal, blu-ray disc games, and downloadable games. The downloadable games would either be new or old games)

Supported consoles:

NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA, All of the SEGA consoles apart from the Dreamcast, PS1, Turbografx and a select few arcade games.

Downloadable titles:

Geomatry Wars: Extincion
New. Super Mario World
Halo Zero
Rez Blast
Viva Pinata Kart
Mario Mini Party
Mini Mario Kart
Pokemon Chess
Castle Crashers: Battle Royale
Romeo + Juliet
Star Wars Pod Racer X
Mini Smash Bros.
Sonic Ex
Paper Mario create
Micro Machines
Epic Fighter

....and many more!

Blu-ray disc games:

Pimps At Sea
Super Smash Bros. Ex
Super Mario Bros. 4
Super Mario World
Super Mario Kart Ex
Super Mario Paint
Mario Puppet
Little Big Galaxy
Killzone 4
Legend of Zelda Collecter's edition
Bioshock zero
Gears of War: Slaves
D.A.N.C.E: West to interzone
Rock Band: World tour
Guitar Loser
Tony Hawk's sellout
Star Wars Universe
World of Starcraft
Is it?
Dreams of a night
Wario Ware
Pac-man collection
Ninja Gaiden desitinies
Tingle's journey to Harwold
Kid Icarus 2
Banjo Fouriee

...and many more!

Though one game I would most want for the Exas:

Donkey Kong Country 4 made by Rare!




Or is it?


Well, please come discuss my ideas, or either your own! Loved Kid Icarus and always wanted a sequel...discuss is it here!


Bang Bang Miss America on


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    projectmayhemprojectmayhem Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I didn't read all of that because well, it was long.

    And the trance vibrator is already out so, I've got nothing.

    projectmayhem on
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    Future BluesFuture Blues Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    The VMU was almost as terrible as the OP.

    Future Blues on
    Xbox Live: No Reply
    Steam: Jacobontap
    LoL: FutureBlues
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    Gorilla SaladGorilla Salad Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Some sort of contraption that allows you to play games with just your hand. Maybe in a glove or something.

    Gorilla Salad on
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    CouscousCouscous Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    Some sort of contraption that allows you to play games with just your hand. Maybe in a glove or something.

    It would be sooo bad.

    Couscous on
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    LewiePLewieP Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    I would only buy EXAS if it launched with "A Gang of Daggars"

    LewieP on
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    AlgertmanAlgertman Registered User regular
    edited September 2007
    After I saw the arcade game when you put a finger in an asshole I just figured everything is coming one of these days

    Algertman on
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